Monday, March 7, 2011

Walt Disney Pictures’ Mars Needs Moms opens in all cinemas on March 16!

From the producer of The Polar Express, Monster House and Disney’s A Christmas Carol, Robert Zemeckis, Jack Rapke and Steve Starkey partners with Walt Disney Pictures brings a movie adaptation of the sci-fi novel created by book by Berkeley Breathed entitled Mars Needs Moms. The sci-fi movie that was directed by Simon Wells and features the voices of Seth Green, Seth Robert Dusky, Tom Everett Scott, Joan Cusack, Elisabeth Harnois, Dan Fogler, Dee Bradley Baker and Mindy Sterling will be showing in all cinemas nationwide beginning March 16. Available in IMAX 3D, Digital 3D and regular format.

The sci-fi movie follows the nine year old Milo (Dusky), whose mom (Cusack) was abducted by Martians in order to take care of the Martian babies along with other mothers. With the help of Gribble (Folger) with his bionic pet named Two-Cat (Baker) and Ki (Harnois) a rebellious Martian girl, they will help Milo to rescue his mom and the rest of the mothers and bring them back to earth.

With all the equipments and visual effects available now, Zemeckis explained that he was happy in the creation of Mars Needs Moms, making it visually appealing and more futuristic. “The advancement is one thousand-fold. The team that created ‘Mars Needs Moms’ is the best performance-capture digital facility on the Earth. The movie—its imagery and the story the technology allows us to tell—is absolutely beyond anything you’ve seen before.” He explained.

“One of the great bonuses of doing a movie in performance capture is that it’s in 3D all the time. We have to make our movie in 3D just to do it. We now design the movie to be presented in 3D, too. And when you’re doing a 3D movie that’s completely virtual like ‘Mars Needs Moms,’ the 3D can be more spectacular than you can do in any other form. We spend a lot of time and energy designing our movies for the 3D experience for the audience.” Zemeckis shares that the most important aspect of the movie is its art form and making it special to cater all ages.

Aside from the outer space, Gribble’s liar is one of the things that movie goers and 3D aficionados should be expecting. Director Simon Wells shares that in that part of the movie with the enhancement done in 3D that can see Gribble’s liar with more details with all its gadgets, moving mechanisms and secret monitors.

With the help of 3D animation, Mars Needs Moms will be one of the sci-fi movies that all ages will be excited to see. It will be showing in all cinemas nationwide beginning March 16, available in IMAX 3D, Digital 3D and regular format and will be distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International.

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