Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Reese Witherspoon and Robert Pattinson stars in Water for Elephants

Based from the famous historical novel of Sara Guen that was published in 2006, 20th Century Fox brings adaptation of the novel to big screen with the direction of Francis Lawrence and staring Reese Witherspoon and Robert Pattinson. The movie adaptation will be distributed by Warner Bros Pictures.

Water for Elephants follows the journey of Jacob Jankowski (Pattinson) as he recounts the memories on how he found love in the “Benzini Bros.’ Most Spectacular Show on Earth”, a traveling circus that stars the famous equestrian named Marlena Rosenbluth (Witherspoon). Jacob in his quest to find a job he accepts the offer to take care of the animals in the circus including the horses that Marlena use in her performance. Marlena fell in love with Jacob’s charms and form bond with Rosie, an untrained elephant that became the center of attraction of third-rate traveling circus. But things are not easy for two of them; Marlena was married to the abusive and moody ringmaster named August (Christoph Waltz) and Jacob will face his wrath as he fight for his love to lovely equestrian.

Before Water for Elephants, director Francis Lawrence was known with the movie he directed like Keanu Reeves ‘s Constantine and Will Smith’s I Am Legend. In his interview Lawrance shared that it was his personal choice to have Witherspoon and Pattinson to be the star in the movie. “Reese was the first person I cast in the film and she was a great creative partner in the early days when we were putting this project together. I think she is a fantastic actress. She has a timeless beauty, she loves animals and has no fear of trying anything. Also the character Marlena in our film is a bit tough and hardened. She isn’t a victim and Reese is tough. She is very strong.” Lawrance explained.

As for Pattinson, Lawrence shared that he sat down with Robert to discuss his role and the story of Water for Elephants. “After that I thought he was naturally perfect for Jacob Jankowski. It was tough to try and find a young man of 23 or 24 who didn’t feel like a boy. Rob was already becoming a man. He is thoughtful, intelligent, empathetic, strong and confident while still being a bit uncomfortable in his own skin,” he concluded.

Water for Elephants is a 20th Century Fox movie and distributed by Warner Bros Pictures.

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