Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Check Burritos & Tacos Mexican Kitchen in Greenhills

Craving for that certain Mexican spice and wanting it to be in big servings check out B & T (Burritos & Tacos Mexican Kitchen) at the G/F 368 Sekai Center, Ortigas Corner Madison Street, Greenhills, San Juan. I had the chance to try their food and the only thing I can say is that you can explore on your order and it comes in big servings that is fit for friends and families who wanting to have something spicy and Mexican.

Here are the bestsellers of Burritos & Tacos Mexican Kitchen that you would like to try when you visit them in Greenhills:

(Mexican Chipotle Pizza with chili sauce and sour cream dip P450)

(Mexican Franks Pizza with black olives P450)

(Carnitos Wet Burritos P410)

(Shrimp Japanese Soft Taco with garlic sauce  P350)

(Al Pastor Tostada  P320)

(Torta de al Pastor with fried Sweet Potato P310)

(Carne Asado Torta/ Steak Sandwich with fried Sweet Potato P315)

(Ball Park Nachos P255)

(Chicken Mole Meal P320)

(Shrimp Japanese Burrito P350)

I always find surprising everytime I eat Mexican dishes, you will never know on what limit you will be handling the spice and flavor that burst together inside your mouth. Like Chicken Mole Meal which eating a dish that is chili, salty and has a touch choco sweetness was something surprising and I had to be honest B&T did it perfectly. Also the Carnitos Wet Burritos, Franks Pizza, Carne Asado Torta and Shrimp Japanese Soft Taco were my personal favorite. I enjoyed the rich flavor of the Carnitos Wet Burritos with so many fillings inside and I never expected that the serving was so big and it can feed at least 3 person. While Carne Asado Torta was something less spicy and tender and I love munching on the crispy inside and soft inside sweet potato that goes with it. And finally, for seafood lover like me Shrimp Japanese Soft Taco is something that we will really enjoy especially the crispiness of the friend shrimp savored with chili and garlic sauce and lettuce and salsa and best to be eaten with lime squeeze.

One of the things I like with Mexican restaurant is that we had the chance to see how our food was prepared. With B&T you will see all the ingredients and you can actually personalize your order according to preference and spice. Also the restaurant space is well lighted and has wide dining area that can accommodate a bulk of diners which includes family members on a weekends and friends and officemates on a regular and Friday night gimmick. 

Burritos & Tacos Mexican Kitchen
Address: G/F 368 Sekai Center, 
Ortigas Corner Madison Street, 
Greenhills, San Juan. 
Delivery Number: 87878

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