Saturday, February 26, 2011

Learning to save that One Earth through Alter Space

With so many organizations standing up and speaking up about responsibility in taking care of the environment, it is very crucial for those in the non-choosing group and the youth who haven't showing their stand yet on the said issue. It very obvious that we are very much affected by the issue of climate change and one of the major contributors of it were improper waste disposal, energy waste and carbon footprint.

I had to chance to explore so many beautiful things and scenery in the Philippines, but it is very alarming that most of it is no longer the same of what we used to be. Being an active advocate for environmental awareness, I learned from WWF-Philippines how climate change affect our seas and that is through the corals and fishes which are starting to deteriorate and become extinct including our green sea turtle. I saw how magnificent and beautiful our seas here in the Philippines, the one in Taal, Batangas and Batanes, but sadly with our lack of responsibility we are putting it on perilous situation.

There are so many advocates, who were giving all their lives and passion in taking care of the environment, but it doesn't stop there. How about the youth, the younger generation who instead joining other environmental advocates and activists are staying in front of their computer very fascinated with social media like twitter and facebook. Being the part of the Top 5 user of Facebook with almost 2 Million accounts, AboitizPower sees the opportunity of that number in reaching out to the younger market in making them understand on their responsibility with the environment. With the concept of Alter Space in Facebook, it will set awareness among the younger sector of the society including the yuppies on the facts about carbon footprints and how they will lessen it. The Alter Space is a five-level Facebook game that will challenge the online gamers and facebook users to balance happiness, money and carbon footprints in the planet to avoid disaster. This is a symbolical presentation of earth and our responsibility to take care of it. One of the things I am looking forward with Alter Space is that how AboitizPower will bridge their project to academe and directly use it as part of the curriculum of students as early as Grade 3 students in elementary and various refreshers in other levels to strengthen the campaign. Aside from the Alter Space, I was hoping that AboitizPower will complete their project in creating a layman presentation of carbon footprint info sheet and calculator so that the younger and less technical audience will further more understand the importance of this advocacy and how it will help in taking care of the environment.

I do support this endeavor of AboitizPower, as I support their campaign on Cleanergy, a product that results from renewable clean energy which is less contributor of carbon footprint, waste materials and usage of resources. So if you wanted to reach out in informing others the importance of the this campaign visit and use the application and share it to others.

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