Monday, December 6, 2010

Roberto’s Siopao House: Where Siopao doesn't need a SAUCE!

In Calle Real (Iloilo City) there was a famous Siopao House that caught my attention. The name of the Siopao House is Roberto’s, pero unusual name for a siopao and eatery where the board signs outside doesn’t indicate that it is a restaurant. I thought the long line outside Roberto’s is a line for lottery but what amazed me is that everyone is crazy about their siopao, and yes I am one of the converts.

Located in the ground floor of the 80 year old Javellana Building in Basa Street in Calle Real in Iloilo City Roberto’s offers wide range of dishes including their famous siopao that doesn’t need a siopao sauce.

I ordered Jumbo Siopao, it cost 39 pesos and its fillings are chicken and pork adobo. Unlike the usual chicken and pork adobo that is oily and sour because of the vinegar, the fillings of the Jumbo Siopao is sweet and tender and best with chili sauce or ketchup. I admit it I had two.

Aside from the Jumbo Siopao, Roberto’s is serving King Siopao (Ham, Chicken and Pork Adobo), which is bigger than the Jumbo Siopao and cost P55. But that is not the main attraction in Roberto’s. They have a siopao they called “Queen Siopao” that is seasonal, meaning it is sold in Roberto’s on a certain date. What made Queen Siopao special? Aside from the Bacon, Chicken and Pork Adobo fillings that only cost P59, is size of the siopao that is equivalent to 3 Jumbo Siopao that is worth sharing for 2-3 persons.

For those going to Iloilo City, one of the restaurants you should visit is the Roberto’s Siopao House. I’m sure you will fall in love with their food and hope you’ll be lucky to avail their famous Queen Siopao.

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Berniemack Arellano said...

At meron nanaman akong na-convert. LOL!

eric said...

may queen ba pag punta mo? gosh until now di p rin ako nakaka tikim ng queen. laging king's siopao lng naabutan ko.

i think 4days in a month lng lumalabas ang queen

ej said...

damn. nakakagutom naman flow!

Flow Galindez said...

eric wala nov 3- dec 4 ang queen daw. ej sana nag iloilo rin kayo ni ginger

Anonymous said...

Its the best siopao I have tasted in the world...anywhere I go I try the local siopao and nothing beats Roberto's!

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