Monday, December 27, 2010

Jack Black’s plays Lemuel Gulliver in Gulliver’s Travels

 On January 8, 2011 20th Century Fox and Warner Bros Pictures brings back Jack Black in the big screen as Lemuel Gulliver in Gulliver’s Travels. The live-action family-comedy adventure 3D film is based from the 18th century novel of Jonathan Swift with the same title. The modern version of Gulliver’s Travels is directed by Rob Letterman.

The film follows Lemuel Gulliver, a mailroom clerk at a New York newspaper who wanted to impress Darcy Silverman (Amanda Peet) and to have a better career in the company. Gulliver bluffs on a writing assignment about the Bermuda Triangle. With his determination and stupidity he discovered the land of the Lilliput where its habitants were only 6 inches talk that held him prisoner. He made them believe that he was powerful and strong, the Liliputans made him the leader of their soldiers but in the end Gulliver has nothing to prove to them. Complications begin when the old enemies of Liliput are once again waging war against them and they don’t know if they can count on Gulliver.

Gulliver’s Travels is a kind of story that is good to be adopted for movie which it caters more with the younger age. With Jack Black’s humor and wit it also captures the older crowd or maybe the whole family. The film is set to be shown in all cinemas nationwide in the Philippines by January 8, 2011, where in US and other countries it’s currently showing since early Christmas.

The comedy fantasy film also stars Emily Blunt, Jason Segel, Amanda Peet, Billy Connolly and Catherine Tate. It is available in both 3D and regular format and it is produced by 20th Century Fox to be distributed by Warner Bros.

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