Thursday, December 30, 2010

Get ready to get TANGLED on February 2

Walt Disney Animation Studios brings the most hair-raising movie of the year as they put a twist on the famous German fairy tale Rapunzel by the Brothers Grimm and created Tangled. The comedy animated film that is available in both 3D and regular format starting February 12 features the voices of Mandy Moore, Zachary Levi and Donna Murphy. The movie is directed by Nathan Greno and Byron Howard.

From the premise of Rapunzel the story follows the Princess Rapunzel (Moore) who was held prison by a witch named Mother Gothel (Murphy) in a tower. Rapunzel grew her hair long but opposite from the original story her long blond hair has magic and she can control it whatever she wants. With her pet Pascal, a chameleon waits for his prince to come and rescue her from the tower. Unfortunately, the charming prince she is waiting for is not a royal prince instead a prince of bandit named Flynn Rider (Levi). Rapunzel proposed that she will help Flynn if he will help her escape from the evil witch. Flynn accepted the proposal and their adventure begins with lots of twist and turns including their hilarious misfortunes.

Director Nathan Greno shares that Tangled is different from the usual Rapunzel movie that everyone saw before. “We flipped it on its head to make a movie that’s relevant, fresh and different. My co-director Byron Howard and I both love the classic Disney films, and we wanted to go back to this cool, retro look from the fifties, and mix it with contemporary storytelling, pacing, action and humor. This puts a whole new layer on this kind of story.” Greno explained.

“The scope of this movie is gigantic—with horse chases and sword fights, prison breaks and floods. The story gave us a chance to take modern-day moviemaking sensibilities and pump it into a classic story.” Directed Howard Byron added.

According to the two directors they help to steer the birth of Tangled in the big screen where the idea was already in the mind of Walt Disney himself on how to bring the magic of Rapunzel and bring it to the larger audience. As for Greno they wanted to balance out the characters in the story to make it more dynamic and fun to watch. “She needed someone to be her foil and equal—a character who could hold his own against this quirky, intelligent girl. She’s very smart, but she’s not worldly. She has this limited world view and doesn’t really know what’s out there. She knows she wants to see those floating lights and figure out what they are. That’s where Flynn Rider comes in. He’s the worldly, sharp guy who’s been around the block a few times and knows how the world works. Throughout the film, they both fill in what’s missing in each other.” He explained.

According to Dan Fogelman, the screenwriter of Tangled, the two directors wanted to tell a classic Disney story in a completely new way that would fit the style of CG animation. This includes adding comedy with 21st-century sensibility in the story to make it more appealing and balance.

Tangled was already released last November in the US and other countries, while in the Philippines it will be released on February 2 inline for Valentines Day offering of Walt Disney here in the country.

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