Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Clint Eastwood directs Warner Bros’ Hereafter

After the success of Invictus which was done in South Africa, film actor, director, producer, and composer Clint Eastwood is back behind the camera to direct Hereafter. The film stars Matt Damon and produced by Steven Spielberg. The drama fantasy movie is distributed by Warner Bros Pictures.

Hereafter follows the life of George Lonegan (Damon), a reluctant psychic and now working as factory worker. He sees the gift of communicating with the dead as curse but he was forced to use that talent in order to help Marie Lelay (Cécile de France), a French television journalist who survived a tsunami in Thailand. And Marcus (Frankie McLaren), a 11 year old kid from London whose twin brother died in accident and was forced to leave his heroin-addicted mother, Jackie (Lyndsey Marshal) for foster home.

According to Eastwood, the film written by by two-time Oscar nominee Peter Morgan is different from his other film. It centers on the interwoven stories of three people touched by mortality in different ways which connects to the lives of the three characters; George Lonegan, Marie Lelay and Marcus. “It is a good character study. Everybody is affected by something that eventually pushes them towards each other. I just thought it was very cleverly constructed. It had some interesting message about loss, finding oneself, love. I am not too big on psychics, but it seemed a different way to do that subject matter. That’s what attracted me to it.” Clint added.

Hereafter shows how the life of the three characters who were from different part of the world will crossed path and create a bigger story.l Cécile de France reveals that working with Eastwood brings out her potential as an actress. “I felt he totally trusts you, so you feel ready to give him all your energy and potential,” the de France says.

“I like to embrace the stories and let them unfold naturally by getting to know the people. In this film, each of the three main characters has something the other one needs, not necessarily answers, but a starting point to get on with their lives. They’ve all just got to do the best they can while they’re here.” Eastwood added.

The film debut in US and Canada last October 22, 2010, where it has a pre-released screening last August and September for the 2010 Toronto International Film Festival and 48th New York Film Festival. Hereafter opens in all cinemas nationwide this December except for the Philippines which will be available on the first quarter of 2011. The film is distributed worldwide by Warner Bros. Pictures, a Warner Bros. Entertainment Company.

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