Monday, October 25, 2010

National Geographic Channel launches “Great Migration” on November


The National Geographic Channel will be launching its most ambitious documentary entitled Great Migration on November 7. The Great Migration of NGC will be a 7-part documentary that will tackle survival of all the species in the animal kingdom, which will be considered the most ambitious and complicated project on National Geographic Society in its 112 years of existence.

The 7 part documentary of Great Migration includes:

Born To Move (November 7, 9pm) – it tells the story of four of the most remarkable animal movements: Wildebeest escaping the jaws and claws of crocodiles and tigers, Monarch Butterflies taking four (4) generations to cross a continent, Sperm Whales traveling million miles for a lifetime and Red Crabs of Christmas Island who bravely overcomes obstacles in order to pro-create.

Need to Breed (November 14, 9pm) – takes viewers to the rocky beaches of the Farkland Islands to the dense of forests of Costa Rica and Australia to the desolate savannah of southern Sudan to reveal why animal risk everything on almost impossible voyages – to ensure the survival of their species.

Race to Survive (November 21, 9pm) – animals such as walruses, whale sharks, zebras, orangutans, pronghorns, and planktons are in the move or die situation. These animals are in race in order to survive because of changing seasons and climate, they are also known the migratory animal that travels in order to breed, feed and stay alive.

Feast or Famine (November 28, 9pm) – shows how trillion of creatures from microscopic plankton to rare desert elephants, from predatory bald eagles to luminous jellyfish, from ravenous great white shark to lightning quick peregrine falcons, are constantly moving to satisfy their hunger.

Great Migrations: Science of Migration (December 5, 9pm) – behind the scenes of animal migrations.

Great Migrations: Behind-the-Scenes (December 12, 9pm) – a montage of behind-the-scenes videos of the dramatic and comical moments during the documentary.

Great Migrations: Rhythm of Life (December 5, 9pm) – a narration-free music video, a combination of Great Migrations’ best footages and orchestral music.

For those who will miss the 7-part documentary of NGC there will be a Great Migrations marathon that will happen on December 26 from 11am to 6pm. For more details visit

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