Saturday, October 9, 2010

Animex and Cutting Edge Productions sign agreement for Technology Transfer and Cultural Exchange Program

Now the 3D is now becoming a fad in both animation and movies, animation studios in Mexico and Philippines sign an agreement for a technology transfer and cultural exchange program. Animex from Mexico will be partnering with Cutting Edge Productions in the Philippines to work on a creative synergy that leads to creation of multicultural and original animated contents, and new business models. With the said agreement both animation companies will benefit from it, and it was initiated by Toon Boom, supplier of digital media solutions and the Embassy of Mexico in the Philippines.

(Animex Director General Eduardo Jimenez, Cutting Edge Finance and Business Development Director Erwin Escubio, Animex Producer and Director Ricardo Arnaiz, Cutting Edge President and CEO Jessie Lasaten, and Animex Production Director Nathan Sifuentes)

“The Philippines has the most talented animators. They’re much more talented compared to animators in the rest of Asia and the world. From a purely artistic creative point of view, the people here are very gifted. However, they’re not getting their proper share of revenue. What we need now are more local owners of animation studios who have a big vision; who can raise enough financial resources to be able to take on a more leadership role versus being at the bottom of the food chain,” says Joan Vogelesang, Toon Boom President and Chief Executive Officer. Vogelesang sees the creativeness and the potential of the Filipino animators that is worth showing in the international scene, but because of the low budget it hinders them on what possible progress and fame that will bring them.

 (Joan Vogelesang, Toon Boom President and CEO)

Vogelesang sees the opportunity to bridge the Cutting Edge Production the maker of “Dayo Sa Mundo Ng Elementalia” to a Mexican multi-awarded animation studio – Animex that will help them to exchange ideas and concepts that will create fusion of Filipino-Mexican designs and animations. “We are confident that the linkage and exchange program between Animex and Cutting Edge will be a big flagship initiative in the Philippines,” she adds.

(Cutting Edge Productions’ “Dayo Sa Mundo Ng Elementalia”)

Cutting Edge Productions is headed by Jessie Lasaten, a m ulti-awarded film composer and musical arranger. The film Dayo that they created is a 2D animation film landed as one of the finalist of the 2008 Manila Film Festival where it won Best Sound by Albert Idioma and Whannie Dellosa, Best Visual Effects by Robert Quilao, Best Musical Score by Jessie Lasaten and Best Theme Song by Lipad by Jessie Lasaten and Artemio Abad Jr., performed by Lea Salonga.

(Animex's NIKTE)

While Animex is known with their multi-awarded 2D animations like “Roncho: the bad luck dog” (2003) – series aired on LocoMotion Channel in Miami, USA; “La Leyenda dela Nahuala” (2007) – Mexico’s first film done in DTS format; “Nikte”(2009) – a film distributed by Universal Pictures; and “La Revolucion de Juan Escopeta”, an Aeroplano Films and Animex co-production to be completed in November 2010. The animation studio has already established a division in Hollywood, California, is also collaborating with Mexican-American actor and director Edward James Olmos in his first animated Mexican feature entitled “Il Americano” - a hilarious tale about a flock of birds migrating from Mexico to the United States.

“Animex and Cutting Edge certainly share common grounds: birth pains, corporate values and advocacies. For the cultural exchange program, we are selecting the best candidates from both our teams. We could have animators from Mexico and the Philippines switch places twice or thrice a year,” says Ricardo Arnaiz, Animex producer and director.

 (Cutting Edge Productions’ digital animation studio in Makati City)

As part of their partnership, Cutting Edge Productions and Animex will be doing a 3D animated short film that will explore the similarities of the Filipino and Maexican culture and tradition. Ricardo Arnaiz, Animex’s Producer and Director and Jerry Santiago one of the directors of Cutting Edge Productions will lead the said Filipino/Mexican project.

The said agreement between Animex and Cutting Edge Productions happens between Animex Director General Eduardo Jimenez, Cutting Edge Finance and Business Development Director Erwin Escubio, Animex Producer and Director Ricardo Arnaiz, Cutting Edge President and CEO Jessie Lasaten, and Animex Production Director Nathan Sifuentes with Joan Vogelesang, Toon Boom President and CEO.

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