Thursday, September 30, 2010

Movie Review: Eat Pray Love

From series of serious movies and tiring work, it’s about time to have a feel good movie like Eat Pray Love that Columbia Pictures will be releasing in all theaters nationwide beginning October 6. The romantic-comedy-drama that features Julia Roberts as Liz Gilbert in Elizabeth Gilbert’s bestselling novel in 2006 with the same title and the film is directed by Ryan Murphy.

For those who read the novel like me, I still recommend checking the movie to see how it was fun to see it in full visual and honestly it is fun to see Roberts doing the witty and funny Liz in the movie. Eat Pray Love follows the journey of a writer who is in soul searching for the “true happiness” and contentment in life where all the way from New York she flew in Rome to enjoy the Italian food and feed herself with great memories of friendship, then she goes to Mumbai, India to pray and search for herself and find peace in her heart, and lastly in Bali, Indonesia where she continuously seek for love that will complete her as a being.

There are three reasons why I love the movie, yes I am so bias on this movie review, because I enjoyed the novel at the same time I fell in love with the movie:

1. The conflict of the movie is simple yet it is universal – we may see the dilemma of Liz simple, she is in search for herself because she could not see the contentment with her love ones. In the case of a common person watching the movie we can relate to her character. We may not be in search for love, but we are in search for something, things we always crave for in our lives, and that is the key point where viewers will enjoy watching the film.

2. Travel and Culture – One of the reasons I watch movie is that aside from the storyline and technicalities, I look at the characters, on how they take part in building the story, in the case of Eat Pray Love, the movie shows variations of cultures and traditions that appeals to me. The food and language of Italy, the faith and customs of India and the nature and romantic scenes of Indonesia. The film is a convergence of wonderful stories from three countries that has colorful culture and traditions.

3. The film has a heart – a fell good movie doesn’t only focus on a girl marrying a man, and lives happy ending, yes it shows in the last part of Eat Pray Love. But the movie shows how friendship blooms, faith strengthen and how to reach out to others. It really touch my hearth and this is one those movies I will never forget.

For those who will be watching Eat Pray Love that will be showing on October 6, take notes of those wonderful quotes that you will surely love. Like this two quotes where I love so much “Ruin is a gift, it is the way to transformation” and the part where Liz mention that in Italy she learn the word tutti which is an Italian word for everybody, and in Indonesia she met a girl named Tutti where she is living with her mother, who is forced to transfer to one town to another because they don’t have money and a house to live, and Tutti found a piece of tile and she wishes that someday that a tile like that will be part of the foundation of their home.

Eat Pray Love is showing on October 6, and it is distributed by Columbia Pictures International, so check it out it is worth watching.

Photos courtesy of Columbia Pictures International.

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Robbie said...

Thanks for this review Flow!

I think I need to watch this movie.

Anonymous said...

Love the line, "Ruin is a gift" too!

Thanks for your insightful review.

-- JayGon

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