Saturday, September 18, 2010

MDG 1: Standing Up for the 1 Billion Hungry

World Food Programme (WFP) and Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), there are 925 million people who are undernourished as of 2010-- almost a billion individuals including women and children experience chronic hunger.

WFP and FAO launch the campaign “1 Billion Hungry” to educate everyone about the present situation of those who are under extreme poverty and victims of calamities such as drought that are facing hunger. This campaign takes part on the quest of the United Nation Millennium Campaign (UNMC) to achieve MDG number 1, which is eradication of poverty and hunger. Three-fourths of the world’s population is experiencing chronic hunger, especially in Asia and the Pacific and Sub-Sahara Africa regions. The campaign involves hunger fighters, advocates, and individuals to take part with this advocacy to be part of the one billion people who will stand up for the one billion hungry and reaching out to them. A signature campaign is currently ongoing on FAO’s website ( as sign of support.; There are also donation pages at WFP’s website ( to raise funds to support their projects that include nutrition for children and pregnant women who are front liners of hunger, school meal, calamity and agricultural support.

WFP also opened its donation page to Paypal users for easy transfer of financial support for its projects. For every five dollars donated, it would give healthy school meals for a child, or $25 dollars could provide nutritious food for a new mother and her child.

On September 20 to 22, world leaders will convene at the United Nations headquarters in New York for the UN MDG Summit. Leaders from nations that are facing chronic hunger should have concrete and comprehensive projects from their countrymen, and at the same time, establish global relationship to strengthen the support coming from developed nations. The countdown towards 2015 begins as MDG 1 challenges us on how we would fight hunger, and be part of the one billion people helping the one billion hungry. As FAO and WFP said, “One billion people live in chronic hunger and I’m mad as hell.” Let’s be aware of it, stand up, take action, and make noise to achieve MDG 1!

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