Sunday, September 12, 2010

e-Games launches Dragonica Online

Last September 11, E-Games with IAHGames of Singapore Barunson Interctive of Korea launches Dragonica Online in the Philippines at the Cyberzone area of SM North Annex in Quezon City. Dragonica Online is the latest casual MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) of IP e-Games and the only RPG games as of today that enables gamers to use joystick aside from the usual keyboard and mouse.

Stanley Cheong the Art Director of Dragonica who is part of Buronson Interactive shares that Dragonica Online will give its gamers a manga-style action RPG with an 8-way, full 3D side scrolling system and new combo attacks that will be shown in full details along with the character’s movement. This kind of graphics will give the gamers a full 3D visual experience that both old and new MMORPG fanatics will enjoy.

While Fadzly Yusof of IAHGames, e-Games’s partner here in the Philippines is positive that the gamers will enjoy playing the game because of the new maps, adventures, sub characters of the characters they will be choosing and the player vs player portal that only Dragonica Online has.

Dragonica Online has four (4) major characters; Magician, Warrior, Archer and Thief. In each charcter it has 4 sub-characters that a gamer can choose when they reach level 20:

Magician – Sub Charcters: Acolyte, Oracle, Battle Mage and War Mage
Archer – Ranger, Snipper, Trapper and Hunter
Warrior – Knight, Paladin, Myrmidon and Gladiator
Thief – Assassin, Ninja, Jester and Harlequin

The game started its closed beta testing in July and now it is open to all gamers in a Free Play option. Some of the features that Dragonica Online would excite its players includes:

• Twenty (20) playable character classes
• Exciting instanced dungeons with epic boss monsters
• Easy to enable PvP (Player VS Player) system which can holds up to 20 participants
• Cute pets which can boost characters’ stats
• Fast-paced and action-oriented PvE (Player VS. Environment) and PvP battles
• Lavalon Map with unique environs and new monsters and mobs to slay
• Level Cap increased to 45
• New Cash items in the Big Wheel
• Item shop opening

Jaime Enrique Yuchengco-Gonzalez, Chief Executive Officer of IPVG Corporation owner of IP e-Games says that Dragonica Online will be opening its doors to possible advertisers in the future where he finds the game as an opportunity for ads placement that has bigger numbers of players who is accessing the website. And according to Enrique they wanted to focus first on the promotion of the new e-Games’ online game to the market.

Dragonica Online only requires; CPU that Pentium 3 1Ghz or AMD K6-3, Memory Capacity of 512 MB, Graphics Nvidia GeForce 2 MX400 or ATI Radeon 7000 and Operating System of Windows 2000, Windows XP or Vista.

Enjoy the world of Dragonica and see the appearance of Paris in the game, visit to download the CBT Client and OBT manual patch.

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