Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Guide on Certified Halal Foods and Products - Make your products Halal Certified

Everytime we mention about food the only thing that matters to us is the taste and how it was visually presented on plate and sometimes we are not talking to consideration on how it was prepared not the process of cooking but how it was processed before it was sold in the market. For majority it doesn’t matter as long as it is clean and safe to eat, but for our friends in the Islamic faith it is very important to know how the meat, fish, fruits and vegetables are process before it was distributed in the market. Muslim they have sacred law called Shaira, within the said divine law directs on guidelines on dietary and food and it is called Halal and Dhabiha. Halal is an Arabic word which means legal or lawful while Dhabiha connects to the prescribed method of ritual slaughter or proper way taking the life on an animal who will be use for food according to the sacred law stated in Shaira. Here are the details on how a food or drink can be considered as impure and prohibited by the Islamic law (as posted in Wikipedia):

(Halal Food Certified Seal)

• Swine, blood, meat of dead animals and animals slaughtered in the name of someone other than God.

• Slaughtering an animal in any other way except in the prescribed manner of tazkiyah (cleansing) by taking God's name, which involves cutting the throat of the animal and draining the blood. Causing the animal unnecessary pain, slaughtering with a blunt blade or physically ripping out the esophagus is strictly forbidden. Modern methods of slaughter like the captive bolt stunning and electrocuting are also prohibited.

• Intoxicants

In line with the guidelines and in respect to the sacred law of our Muslim brothers in regards to the food and drinks, the concept on creating a Halal food guide became a need in places especially to non-Islamic countries but it has Muslims in the community, and Philippines became part of this campaign in respect of the said religion. A website was created and known as the Halal products guide that contains products that were strictly inspected if they reach the standards provided by Shaira. Manufacturers were encourage to submit their products for inspection like what happen before in the United States and United Kingdom where most of the restaurant and product seals contain Halal certified food logo which will testify that they passed the requirements.

With the help of social media, the information about the Halal food guide can now reach manufacturers , business owners and individuals on their awareness to the dietary requirements of our Muslim brothers who is now celebrating Ramadan. You can get updated on Halal certified food and products in Facebook and share your views and appeal to manufacturers to submit their products for inspection. And before I end this entry I read an article on the net where it says that Halal certified foods are safer and healthier and better eat than because it undergoes proper food processing.

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