Friday, August 6, 2010

Join the Philippine Population in Focus: Myths and Challenges forum

The connections between population and development are among the many perspectives used when various sectors try to dissect the poverty rate and related issues in the country. The recent polls and platforms of electoral candidates paid significant attention to this central issue, as they become the essential criteria in lobbying for support.

Population is a basic element of any given system. The development of public health, the economy, education and many others is reliant on the complex interplay between population and development.

In the Philippines, as in many developing nations, the population issue is a pressing one, with basic necessities like food, shelter and education often unavailable or in very short supply compared to demand. Societal concerns like poverty, gender issues, environmental management and much more all rely heavily on population.

The Philippine Population in Focus: Myths and Challenges forum will held be on August 28, 2010, from 4:00pm to 7:00pm, at the Annabel’s Restaurant, Tomas Morato, Quezon City. This forum is free. Limited slots are available, so those who wish to attend are required to register. Registration will be open until August 20, and registration forms can be downloaded from or

Discussions will include a workshop in preparation for the Mulat Pinoy Media Fellowship: Philippine Population in Focus. Applicants have a chance to be awarded grants of up to Php 25,000.00. Participate and be an informed media practitioner! Learn more about population and development, and help us connect the dots. Snacks and workshop materials will be provided, and participants can submit their grant proposals onsite. Proposals will also be accepted after the forum, until September 6, 2010. A tentative program is attached.

Mulat Pinoy is composed of individuals whose common goal is to harness the power of social media and the Internet to bring about a broader awareness of population and development (PopDev) issues. The project encourages various sectors to adopt and address PopDev issues in their advocacies, while simultaneously empowering the general public by informing them about what can be done through social media. This is a project of the Probe Media Foundation, Inc. (PMFI) and supported by the Philippine Center for Population and Development (PCPD).

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