Friday, June 25, 2010

A Taste of Bliss with Nestle’s Heaven

June 23, Makati City – Nestle Ice Cream, maker of the creamiest and enjoyable ice cream products officially launches their newly improved Heaven Flavors at the A Venue with heaven-like theme including the most beautiful and handsome angels. Nestle Ice Cream introduces four flavors that is sinfully delicious and mouth-watering:

Belgian Chocolate Bliss

Chocolate lovers will truly enjoy the sublime chocolate ice cream smothered with the finest Belgian chocolate bits that is truly heavenly self-indulgencing to all. It comes in two sizes 800 ml (P175) and 450 ml (P115).

Vanilla Almond Secret

Enjoy the intense flavor and creaminess of the vanilla ice cream softly kissed with chopped almonds and perfectly swathed with caramel ripples, making the ice cream a mixture of strong and mild sweetness in every spoonful indulgence. It is available in 800 ml (P175) and 450 ml (P115).

Strawberry Dream
Sinfully delectable is how I describe the creaminess of Heaven’s Strawberry Dream that perfectly blends strawberry in the ice cream and adorned with strawberry bits. It is available in 800 ml (P175) and 450 ml (P115).

Butter Pecan Obsession

You will surely love the soft buttery ice cream sprinkled with finely roasted pecans that is a combination of sweetness and chunkiness that everyone will surely find irresistible in every spoonful of heaven. . It is available in 800 ml (P175) and 450 ml (P115).

My personal choice and I strongly recommend Vanilla Almond Bliss and Butter Pecan Obsession, I am into the light taste but has a comforting feel at the same time the fun of having something to chew like almonds and pecan. Nestle Heaven Ice Cream is all available in all convenient stores nationwide, grab one now and enjoy a taste of heaven in a spoonful of indulgence.

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