Monday, June 14, 2010

Protect your babies with Pigeon products

With the rainy seasons around the corner while the summer heat can be still felt by everyone it is important that we should protect ourselves from any forms of diseases that the changing weather brings. The most affected on this kind of this diseases where the children in their infant and toddler years especially they are vulnerable with the bacteria that is present in any objects they touch or put their mouth. Some of the possible diseases that children might get were sore eyes, measles, flu, skin irritation, eczema, severe diarrhea, stomach cramps, urinary tract infections, and dengue, and for the younger ages where they haven’t fully developed their immune system they are the initial victims of germs and bacteria that caused these diseases.

It is important that mothers should be protecting their babies from this kind of germs and bacteria by cleaning their toys and making sure that their children’s hand is always clean and Pigeon products is aware of this needs. They manufactured products such as Pigeon Baby Wipes and Pigeon Liquid Cleanser. Pigeon Liquid Cleanser is an all in one cleanser that is tough on germs and bacteria that can be used for cleaning feeding bottles, toys or even for washing fruits and vegetables because of its delicate chemical that will not affect the food compare to its toughness on germs. While Pigeon Baby Wipes is for mothers who want to clean the hands and toys of their kids but there is no washing area around. It is delicate to the skin because of the chamomile oil which acts as an excellent natural skin cleansing agent and ensures that its option pH5.0 level retains your skin’s overall moisture balance.

Pigeon products are available in all department stores, convenient stores and drug stores nationwide.

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