Friday, May 7, 2010

Utilizing Social Media as alternative marketing tool

Last April 22, at the Manila Intercontinental Hotel in Makati City, Rosan Cruz of Assistant Vice President of Group Public Relations, BENPRES Holdings Corporation shares her insights on how to utilize social media for business as an additional marketing tool.

Cruz relates her projects in some of the BENPRES Holdings Corporation campaigns like Lopez Link, Lopez Memorial Museum and Sagip Kapamilya. In spite of the big projects the handles are the limitations on budget. Lopez Link is a monthly publication of the Lopez Group of Companies where it contains corporate information and news and entertainment buzz from ABS-CBN, one of the companies under the Lopez Group. She conducted a survey on what does employee do on the paper (Lopez Link) after reading it, and majority says that it employee take the papers home while only percent says that they throw it or left it somewhere. Aside from the increasing the number of publication, they also created a website where employees and other partners can visit Lopez Link online and it drives traffic coming from various locations as Cruz affirms during her talk.

With other projects she handles, it is hard for her to create a big press conference that requires feeding large crowd along with the venue. Until she discovers the use of social media where she invites bloggers, utilize social networks like twitter, facebook and others. The awareness of the campaign increases without releasing to much money for the campaign materials and TV ads the usual and common marketing tool for big companies. Some of the projects where she used social media and bloggers instead of the usual press were the launching of the Lopez Memorial Museum 50th anniversary, Yehuda Berg’s Book Launch and the annual Pasig River run.

Finally Cruz shares her learning from the use of social media and that is every time we wanted to create buzz on the product it should be early or at least a month before its official launch, and it’s not on how many post was created but look at the quality and how it was created. To know the future projects of Susar Cruz and BENPRESS Holdings Corporations and Lopez Group of Companies, follow Lopez Link at Twitter and like Lopez Link at Facebook to join their group page.

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