Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother’s Day

Ever since I blog about mother’s day celebration, I always put in mind that aside from biological mother, there are women and even men who stood up and take the challenge to became a mother in their special ways. Of course we know the case of biological mothers who take the child in their womb for nine months, the risky stage of being a mother where there are reports that there are moms who died on giving birth as it was presented in United Nation Millennium Developmental Goals where maternal health falls on number 5. Mother’s should not die during child bearing, but the issue on the healthcare remains uncertain to them. This is one of my campaign for mothers (biologically) to be aware of the proper healthcare they need along with what the government should provide them especially those in the extreme poverty line. As shown in the World Food Program’s campaign on Mother’s day they uses e-Card as a donation tool for different kind of mothers, future moms and moms who just gave birth yet need nutrition, mothers who has HIV/AIDS, mothers who are forced to choose to feed her child or herself and lastly mothers who became front liners in their community in helping their group or country to take the challenge of bringing hope in times of disaster. You can visit for more info about the e-Card

I admire the women even men who take the responsibility to be a mother when needed. Opposite to my first paragraph there are also women who were not blessed to bear a child and became a biological mother. Sometime they end up adopting and take the adopted child as their own, being a mother is a huge responsibility and that is giving her love and life to their family. Women also became mothers in their organizations, and advocacy where she takes the responsibility to shape up the people inside the group. And for men, who became mothers in the absence of the biological mom, accepting this responsibility to take care of the children as they grow.

The term mother, in my opinion no longer pertain to a biological mother, but for those who took the responsibility to be one regardless of gender, belief and the capacity to bear a child in the womb. Being a mother is the toughest responsibility and challenge that anyone can do, to those who can fulfill this duty, I salute you. Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers biologically and by heart.

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