Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Cherie Paris Timepiece supports clean and bloodless election

April 20, Quezon City – In line with the approaching election on May 10, Cherie Paris watches launches its latest limited collection that advocates for clean and bloodless election. With the campaign “It’s About Time: Enough Blood on the Ballot”. Cherie Paris timepiece calls everyone to take their part on saying NO to violence and brutality and enough to political bloodshed.

Along with the simple yet meaningful design of the limited edition of Cherie Paris watches comes a Wawi Navarroza’s photographic tableau entitled Not Today, inspired by Francisco de Goya’s painting, The Third of May created in 1808. The said billboard will be placed in Madaluyong along EDSA to show the Filipinos and remind them the importance of election as they aim for a clean, peaceful and honest election.

(Linfred Yap of Urban Time - Cherie Paris with Wawi Navarroza)

“The work aims to destabilize our usual reception of images in order for us to remember and rethink how images shape our ideas and opinions in a massive insidious way. I’ve decentralized the meaning in this picture by depicting reality mirrored as fiction,” Navarroza claims. She wanted to make the people thinks every time they see the billboard and letting them interpret it. She added ““That this photograph seems to be parading the Theatre of the Absurd is nothing different to the absurdity of massacre, war, atrocity and violence. People have died for pointless reasons, the "senseless" killings, the blood-stained election votes. We all know it's starting to feel like circus around here. We're living in a cabaret of underhanded politics... the huddled masses with collective amnesia, the trigger-happy demons on wheels, sequined evangelists, stupid whitening products, scams and scandals, the madmen and monsters who are willing to do horrendous acts of violence in exchange of...what? This is our dark comedy, our self-styled campy horror show.”

The watch is also designed by Navarroza, it’s a plain watch that has a short hand that reads “It’s about time” and the long hand reads “Enough blood on the ballot”. This watch summarizes the dreams of all Filipinos and their advocacy to have clean and bloodless election. The limited edition Cherie Watch is called Peace watch and now available in Urban Time boutique in SM North EDSA Annex and select Robinsons and Metro Gaisano department store. Visit and sign up on the online petition for a clean and bloodless election.

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