Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Figaro Summer Frosts is back to beat the summer heat

In its commitment to provide a wide selection of food and drinks to suit everyone's taste, the Filipino-owned corporation, Figaro Coffee Systems Inc., relaunches its cool summer treat, Figaro Summer Frost, for friends and families seeking for that ultimate rejuvenation this hot season.

All three delightful drinks of Figaro Summer Frosts are back to beat the chart-topping heat of summer 2010: the sweet sensation of the Watermelon Grape Breeze, the popular thirst-quencher, Peach Lychee Sunrise, and the unique, refreshing coolness of Green Apple Cucumber Whirl.

Watermelon Grape Breeze is an ice-blended drink that melts the summer heat with its delicious mix of grape fruit and watermelon with a sweetness just right; the Peach Lychee Sunrise will sweep you in a tropical island with its smooth, cold combo of peach and lychee; and the Green Apple Cucumber Whirl, a delightful surprise for such a bold mix of green apple and cucumber syrups that turned out to be just the perfect blend!

“The Figaro Summer Frosts were first introduced and offered in the market summer last year, and it was immediately embraced by our customers and patrons. Because of this, we at Figaro decided to offer our original smoothies once again this summer season until June 22nd ,” said Ace L. Azarraga, Marketing Services Manager of Figaro Coffee Systems, Inc.

“I guarantee that any or all three flavors of the Summer Frost will capture the delight of everybody and at any age. It is healthy, fruity and refreshingly cold drink that parents and kids can share together in this hot weather.” He adds, “Summer, after all, is the season when families and groups get together to bond, and Figaro can be a fun venue for that.”

Apart from keeping a critical eye on broadening its niche market, Figaro also aims to be recognized not for introducing affordable specialty roasted local coffee varieties and various coffee-related paraphernalia but also great-tasting food.

Figaro is a 100-percent Filipino-owned company that started offering specialty roasted local coffee varieties in 1993. Soon after, it expanded its product lines from coffee drinks and various sandwiches, pizza, pasta and more. It has about 65 outlets nationwide, most of which are in Luzon.

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