Saturday, April 17, 2010

Alex Lacson on labor, education and graft and corruptions

April 14, Quezon City – I had a chance to interview with Liberal Party senatorial candidate Alex “Pinoy” Lacson and asked him concerning his plans in case he would win as a senator, and opinions on serious matters concerning the country.

Lacson is the author of “12 Little Things Every Filipino Can Do to Help Our Country.
“ The book became a bestseller, and according to him, it created a big impact to himself as a candidate for senator. He gained attribution from those who read it. The book contained things that Filipinos missed of doing/fulfilling. It includes paying taxes, buying local products, following traffic rules and regulations and waste management. Lacson mentioned that it may be simple but it creates dent if everyone is doing it.

He is one of the LP senatorial-candidates that are new in the field of politics, mostly with no names and lacks with popularity. Unlike others who re-runs for the same or higher position. According to Lacson, Noynoy and Mar selected new faces to join the race to initiate changes, giving chance to those who has capability to serve the country and share their ideas and learning to them. According to him, the selection process included balancing the numbers of popular and usual candidates that are running for higher positions and adding new faces that are used with the social activities.

From the platform of the LP, Lacson choose three key areas: education, employment and fighting graft and corruption. He emphasized education and employment--If ever that he assumes a senatorial seat, he would wantto be part of the education and labor committee. Lacson believes the importance of both education and employment and the government should prioritize it.

There were five topics that I’ve raised during the discussion where he can answer yes, no, no comment and can be supported with a sentence or two:

Question 1: Will justice be served in the case of the Ampatuans and Magindanao Massacre this year?

Lacson: No.

Question 2: Do you agree with the reproductive health bill?

Lacson: Not in its present form. There are certain provisions there that violate the basic right of a man on freedom of choice.

Question 3: Do you agree with Church interfering with the State?

Lacson: On the moral issues tama lang yun (it is right), tama lang na pansinin ng simbahan ang mali na ginagawa ng gobyerno (it is right that the church point out the wrong things that the government is doing)

Question 4: After the poll automation and seeing that there were lots of anomaly in the process do you think that the new government should investigate the COMELEC?

Lacson: Tama lang, dapat lang, (Yes, it should be done) as possible kapag nanalo si Noynoy at Mar at nanalo ang senatorial line up (as possible if Noynoy and Mar wins along with the senatorial line up of LP)

Question 5: Do you agree with Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo running for congressional seat in Pampanga?

Lacson: Hindi, bigyan naman natin yung iba, tama na. Masyado nang mahaba ang nine years niya bilang president. Nagawa na niya lahat ng kaya niyang gawin as president. 9 years so bigyan naman natin ng pagkakataon ang mga bata, yung mga bagong henerasyon. (No, she should give chance to others. Nine years as president is enough and she should give chance to the new generation.)

Lacson hails from the Province of Negros Occidental. He graduated law in University of the Philippines in Diliman in 1996. He has also taken post graduate studies in Harvard Law Scool, in the United States in 2002 and Haggai Leadership Institute in Singapore in 2007. Lacson runs for senator under Liberal Party, where Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III runs as president and Manuel “Mar” Roxas II as vice president.

Watch the full interview of Alex Lacson below:

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