Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Fourth Kind – Get abducted by your imagination

When we talk about aliens, we always we envision them with oval faces and big eyes and they all eat humans, not all actually especially those comedy films. This time Universal Pictures and Viva Entertainment presents The Fourth Kind, a 2009 docu-drama/horror film directed by Olatunde Osunsanmi, and starring Milla Jovovich, Elias Koteas and Will Patton that dramatize the actual experience of Dr. Abigail Tyler played by Jovovich as supported by video archives and reported interviews of Dr Tyler and her patients.

The movie begins at the taped interview of Dr Tyler at Chapman University she recounts her experience on her alleged alien encounter including the murder of her husband, experiments and the abduction of her daughter Ashley. The Tyler lives at the Nome, Alaska where everything happens, like her husband Will, Abby is a psychologist in Nome and a mother of two, Ashley who was suffers with conversion disorder that is related to the eyes after the alleged murder of her father, and Ronnie who blames his mother for his father’s death. The death of Will affects Abby that much and it became worst when weird things happen in Nome where several of its residents is experiencing sleeping disorders because of a certain “white owl” that is showing on their windows. Abby tries to help them and she involves herself on unsolved behavior disarray of her patients, one killed his family including himself, the other one was paralyzed after he bolts, levitates and screams with a “Sumerian” words while he is in hypnosis. After this Abby tries to leave Nome yet she was forced to stay for investigation after involving with the two unsolved incidents, that night Ashley was allegedly abducted by the alien as Dr. Tyler claimed, but her son Ronnie disapproves his mother’s claim. Sheriff August removes Ronnie from the Abby’s custody and remains skeptical with Dr. Tyler’s alien abduction story. Dr. Campos helps Abby to narrate what happen to her and Abby, but instead getting the answer on their question, like what happen to one of her patients Abby levitates and hysterically screams like there was another person inside her talking on a Sumerian language. Dr Tyler woke up in the hospital with broken neck and Sheriff August and Dr. Campos is there and reveals truth on the death of her husband, opposite to her murder story, Will commits suicide. But the case of Ashley remains unsolved as the story ends. According to Dr Tyler there were four categories that a person experience on extraterrestrial activity; First Kind – Sighting, Second Kind – Evidence, Third Kind – Contact and the Fourth Kind – Abduction.

The mock documentary was done brilliantly; the way the archived footages play together with Jovovich scenes shows that important part of Dr. Tyler’s story is properly documented and nothing was omitted. I am a very skeptical person especially when the topic is paranormal, but I appreciate the storyline and how the Fourth Kind creative group remains faithful with the original story of Abby. The Fourth Kind is now showing in all cinemas nationwide.

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