Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Extraordinary Measures: A film of inspiration and making miracles

Columbia Pictures bring a film that is filled with inspiration and making miracles come true here in the Philippines beginning March 10 in all theaters nationwide. Extraordinary Measures is a medical drama based from 2003 Pulitzer Awardee Geeta Anand's book The Cure and directed by Tom Vaughan and starred by Brendan Fraser (John Crowley), Harrison Ford (Dr. Robert Stonehill), and Keri Russell (Aileen Crowley).

The story revolves with the life of John Crowley, a biotechnology executive who has two children afflicted with Pompe Disease or acid maltose deficiency. With his wife Aileen they raised money in order to support the research of Robert Stonehill forming a medicine that will help Crowley’s children and other children suffering with Pompe disease.

The main concept of the film is it is a medical drama but with the expectation of the usual ER series and House the storyline is complicated, but its not and that’s the good thing that the Pompe Disease was discuss properly without going to much technicalities with scientific terms along with the cure. Honestly because of the movie I learn something about the disease with less complexity.

It’s inspirational, encouraging and not depressing; sometimes film who talks about lives and its struggle has depressing part in the movie not with Extraordinary Measures, Megan (Meredith Droeger), John’s daughter who has Pompe Disease gives life to the story despite of the health problem that her character has.

It is worth watching, something will uplift souls in times like this and like John’s character he doesn’t just hope for a miracle to happen, he did one and its worth trying for. Extraordinary Measures is now showing in all cinemas especially in SM Cinemas.

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