Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Everybody's Fine: A film that reminds us of what we lack the most - COMMUNICATIONS

Walt Disney Pictures brings to the Philippines a Miramax Movie that will remind us what all families’ lacks that result to division and separation. Everybody Fine is a film that is a remake from Giuseppe Tornatore film Stanno Tutti Bene, directed and written by Kirk Jones and with stared by Robert de Niro (Frank Doode), Drew Barrymore (Rosie), Sam Rockwell (Robert) and Kate Beckinsale (Amy). This family drama film will be exclusively shown in all Ayala Cinemas beginning April 7.

The movie is about a father who is excited for Christmas and be reunited with his children until everyone backs out with vague reasons. Frank decided to visit his children and it happens that the surprise visit turns to be a blessing that everyone is in need of it.

The film is simple like other family-oriented drama but the symbolism is what it makes the movie unique. Frank retires from a telecommunication company where he makes the material that covers and protects the wires of telephone lines where it is obvious in all part of the scenes. The conversation over the phone as phone lines shows the family problem of Frank reverberates. It is ironic that Frank who's former work is a technician in a communication company, but he lacks touch with his family especially his four children: Rosie, David, Amy and Robert.

It’s been a while since I saw a film that is filled with symbolism after I had film appreciation in college and one of the movies I watched was God Father that has lots of symbols and juxtapositions. For Frank it was his subconscious his talking to him. In his mind his children who were supposed to be adults are in their young age in his eyes and dreams. It shows that in their early age they already have tensions against their father. Lastly the rain shows how truth was washed away and replaced by lies and excuses.

"People are so polite that sometime they say lies instead the truth that sometime hurts other people", this was the gist of Robert's line during the confrontation with his father. a bite of reality that shows in the movie but as Frank answers back to Rosie "keep dialing, it’s the same number" shows that they a good communication can sometimes answer any kind of problem.

Everybody's Fine is a film, which essence's that goes straight to the heart like other family movie. But it is a film that shows how important is communication in the lives everyone, no buts and heavy conflicts. The movie is exclusively shown on Ayala Cinemas starting April 7, it is a good movie for the family, friends, sisters and brothers.

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