Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Box: A film of choices and options

Warner Bros Pictures brings to the Philippines, a 2009 science fiction-thriller/horror film entitled The Box. The movie is based from Richard Matheson's Button Button, a short story published in 1970s and adapted on Twiglight Zone's early episodes in 1980s. The film is directed and written by Richard Kelly and stars Cameron Diaz (Norma Lewis), James Marsden (Arther Lewis) and Frank Langella (Arlington Steward).

The film is set on 1976 where everyone is fascinated with the possibilities of Mars that can be the next Earth. Norma who is a literature teacher and the wife of Arthur who is a NASA scientist hoping the be an astronaut. Their life is simple despite of Norma's problem with her foot and usual financial difficulties, a strange box that has a red button was delivered to their house that complicates the life of the couple.

The film with its twist and turn interest me much, aside from the mystery of how the box works and the character of Arlington Steward who was in the story died after he was hit by a lightning and resurrected at the morgue. Those things were not clearly shown in the film, but the mystery of those things will really get the attention of its viewers.

The Box is a film of choices and options where the theme is that everything that is done there will be a corresponding effects or consequences. The movie is open ended like the short story and Twilight Zone episode but the film stretches the storyline to create more complications to the life of Norma and Arthur, making the audience think if the nemesis in the story is somewhat a ghost who wanted to revenge, a magician who can do magics, or an alien knowing that the story begins on Mars exploration. Even the idea of the story is not clear except that there is a box and once you push a button someone you don't know will die and million dollar will be delivered if the deal was done. The problem is the box will be reprogrammed and offered to someone that the early clients doesn't know personally. But in the film no one refuses the deal especially clients are badly in need but they don't know the they have a choice, and they have options and that is to refuse.

The films also stars Gillian Jacobs (Dana Steward), Deborah Rush (Clymene Steward), Sam Oz Stone (Walter Lewis), Ryan Woodle (Lucas Carnes), James Rebhorn (Norm Cahill), Holmes Osborne (Dick Burns), and Celia Weston (Lana Burns) and exclusively shown at Ayala Malls Cinemas; Glorietta 4, Greenbelt 3 and Trinoma.

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