Sunday, February 28, 2010

Tsunami Update: President Michelle Bachlet appeals to Chileans, Philippines is on Tsunami Alert, and you can send help

An 8.8 magnitude earthquake rocked Chile early Saturday (February 27), 1.5 Million where affected and now there are 300 reported killed by the massive earthquake and resulting tsunami that wrecked the coast of Chile and waved itself going to the Pacific Ocean. The president of Chile, Michelle Bachlet appeals to her people to be strong on the challenge that their country is facing. Right now humanitarian relief is now on its way to Chile and US President Barack Obama officially aid to the Chileans including Russia, Argentina and United Nations. Here is the video of the CNN report during the Chile 8.8 Earthquake News Break.

Now that the tsunami fanned its way to Pacific Ocean and already affects Hawaii now Japan experienced 4.4 magnitudes. Philippines raised the alert on level 2, news posted on the saying that people still remains on the near shore area “Tsunami alert fails to keep Digos (Davao del Sur) residents from beaches” the problem is that despite of the alert some of the Filipinos are not listening on the warning, but when accidents happen they became victims and point fingers to authorities. It a matter of discipline though Philvocs already gives their warning on the possible effects of the tsunami in the Philippines around 1-2:30 pm this Sunday (February 28).

Humanitarian relief begins today and for those who has a gold heart take part of this campaign to help Chileans you can send aid through Google check out donation system on Unicef and Direct Relief International and help to track the effect of the tsunami through out the Pacific by going to Support Disaster Relief in Chile Google Crisis Response Page -

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