Wednesday, February 3, 2010

HIV/AIDS patients in the Philippines increases

From the usual spread of (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) that causes Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS) through sex workers and passing of syringe from a contaminated person to another, the spread of virus elevates to young professionals and youth who engage themselves to casual unsafe sex. As reported by the National Epidemiology Center that there are roughly estimation of 3,911 HIV+/AIDS reported cases as of May 2009, but as of this week in the case of Philippine General Hospital in Taft Manila the population of their HIV+ patients increases from 528 cases in 2008 it increases to 709 in 2009 based the records of PGH. Most of the patients having AIDS were sex workers, gays and sex workers, but now some members from the urban professionals sectors such as call centers were being treated. Based on the 2007 data of National Epidemiology Center, 89% of those affected with HIV/AIDS engaged with unsafe sex, 72% from it were males. The peek age bracket for males is 25-29 years old as first from the chart followed by 30-34 years old and 20-24 years old is ranked as third. 55 % from the male population having AIDS had sex with females, while 45% had sex with males. Involvement on unsafe casual sex is the primary reason of the transmission where most of the patients engage sex with persons whom they just met from social networks. The Catholic Church states that they agreed on the possible proposal on the censorship on the net but they also propose that the website should be selected to avoid the restrictions of press freedom. Right now HIV/AIDS patients are considered modern lepers several countries implemented HIV-related restriction, stay or residence. In the Philippines we have a law that will safeguard the rights of HIV/AIDS patients from any form of discrimination from workplace, schools, hospital, and other establishments, the law is known as Republic Act 8504 or The Philippine AIDS Prevention and Control Act of 1998 (

During our discussion on MOVE event in Greenbelt 5 last December, Teresita Bagasao, UNAIDS-Philippines Coordinator says that we are far behind from what is targeted on the United Nation Millennium Development Goals that was proposed last 2000 and should be accomplished on 2015, but she never stops working and coordinating on spreading the awareness to everyone which is the only way we can combat the spread of virus. AIDS falls on UN MGD # 6, combat AIDS, Malaria and other diseases. And with the alarming increase on HIV/AIDS cases in the country is slows the campaign but advocates for HIV/AIDS never cease this fight. I may not be an HIV positive but I care for the youth who are careless to commit sex and involve themselves to drugs, and for patients who were discriminated I have friends who has AIDS and I care for the so much.

Like we always say prevention is better than cure, the issue on HIV/AIDS is part of it. AIDS cannot be prevented from the use of condom alone or not involving on drugs, it’s more on being aware, spreading the information and being responsible. Let’s spread the awareness and not the virus. For more information on AIDS related topics visit and For those who want to undergo HIV testing you can visit the Social Hygiene Clinic - Manila Health Department, 2nd Floor of 208 Quiricada Street, Sta. Cruz, Manila, for inquiries contact for inquiries, call 711-6942 and look for Dra. Diana Mendoza or Ms. Malou Tan, Monday to Friday only from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

On February 11 there will be a Starbucks Dialogue at the Starbucks 6750 Makati City, 630 PM speakers will be Jericho Paterno and Wanngo Gallaga, topic will be about AIDS. The event is free for all, join the discussion and be aware!

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