Sunday, February 28, 2010

Crazy Heart: Following the life of a Country Singer

Fox Searchlight Pictures through Warner Bros Pictures brings a drama musical that will show us despite of old age there were always be a second chance in life. Crazy Hearts is a 2009 drama musical film directed and written by Scott Cooper and based on the 1987 novel of the same title authored by Thomas Cobb. The film starred by Jeff Bridges (Bad Blake) Maggie Gyllenhaal (Jean Craddock) and Colin Farrell (Tommy Sweet).

Bad Blake is a 57 year-old alcoholic singer/songwriter who once had a big shot on stardom as a country singer. Now, to earn many he must travel on town bars with his guitar and his old car and stay on a cheap motel. In his gig to Santa Fe he met Jean Craddock, a young journalist, divorced and has a 4-year old son named Buddy (Jack Nation). Jean caught Bad’s attention and instantly they become lovers until Bad was asked to become an opening act on Tommy Sweet’s concert, with the impact of Jean and Buddy to his life he said yes. Tommy Sweet is a popular country singer that Bad once mentored, Tommy ask Bad if he can write songs for him and traveled with him yet Bad rejects Tommy’s proposal. Bad’s relationship with Jean never lasted when he accidentally lost Buddy at the mall where he stops for a drink, Jean furiously left Bad. He decided to go rehab and become sober, he even write a song for Tommy but the sad part is when he plans to reconcile with Jean after few month the girl change his life is now married and has a new work.

Reality and acceptance, which is the message that Crazy Hearts wanted to communicate to its audience. The film may be boring for those who are not into musical and films that has lots of talking and close shots. Crazy Heart is a character based movie where we are following the life and the transformation of Bad Blake from the 57 year old alcoholic singer to a sober changed man; the shots are mostly tight to be more acquainted with character. I like the line in Bad’s song “I used to be somebody, now I'm somebody else”, it gives reality a dent on the film which it really shows the depth of the storyline and characters. No wonder Jeff Bridges is nominated for Best Actor and Maggie Gyllenhaal as Best Supporting Actress for the 82nd Annual Academy (OSCARS) on March 7.

Also starring Robert Duvall, Beth Grant, Annie Corley and Tom Bower, Crazy Heart is exclusively shown at Ayala Malls Cinemas; Glorietta 4, Greenbelt 3 and Trinoma starting February 24.

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