Saturday, January 23, 2010

Legion: an action film that searches hope to mankind

Starting January 22, Columbia Pictures releases another critical movie that touches the sensitive issue about faith and religion. The movie Legion is about an angel who opposes “God’s” plan to exterminate mankind due to its sin. Directed by Scott Stewart (also one the writer), written by Peter Schink and starred by Paul Bettany (Michael), Adrianne Palicki (Charlie), Lucas Black (Jeep), Dennis Quaid (Bob) and Kevin Durand (Gabriel).

The one and a half (100 minutes) total running time of the film Legion tells how Michael disobeyed God from His order to exterminate mankind. He decided to fight against the legion of angels and save Charlie who is bearing a child along with other strangers trapped in a dessert diner “Fall Paradise” in New Mexico. Michael sees the hope that Charlie and her child along with Bob has and use it to save the humanity. In order to fight and kill Charlie and her child the legion of angels uses dead bodies as vessels of their spirit and drive themselves to the diner. Gabriel one of the archangels of “God” like Michael fly himself to the diner and wanted to kill the child himself, but Michael fights Gabriel that caused him his life. But the hope that Michael sees in Charlie and Bob makes “God” realize that he must not loose his faith to mankind and stop the extermination that he ordered to Gabriel.

The film is tricky especially those who is attached to their religious side. You may see that Charlie and Bob are symbolically representing Mary and Joseph. Others might react against it but like what I mention during my post about 2012, it is a fiction and we don’t need to take it seriously. But the in the case of Legion, like books about faith says, we should not loose hope and same with our faith. Viewers should pay attention on the lines especially what Michael and Gabriel says, the phasing of the film is fast and once you missed it, it will create confusion on the movie which I had encountered in the middle part. The visual effects, sounds compliments on the adrenalin of the story especially with the characters. I just hope that the film had established the problem longer especially the three main characters; Michael, Charlie and Bob. But over all I like the suspense and the emotions that they played on the film.

Legion is still showing in all cinemas nationwide, also starring Tyrese Gibson, Charles Dutton, Kate Walsh, Willa Holland, and Jon Tenney.

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