Thursday, November 26, 2009

Figaro launched Plant a Tree, Make a Difference

Blessed with good weather last Saturday, November 14 2009, the Figaro Foundation Corporation and the Marketing Department of the Figaro Coffee Systems, Inc. organized a tree planting activity held at Barangay Esperanza Ilaya, Alfonso, Cavite.

Dubbed as Plant a Tree, Make a Difference, the activity reaffirmed the company’s commitment to revitalize and support the local coffee industry. In this light, the participants to the event contributed elevated their passion for patronizing Figaro's brew to genuine supporters of the coffee industry.

The higlight of the event included the planting of 500 coffee seedlings, 250 of which were of the Robusta variety, and another 250 of the Liberica or Barako kind. The latter being the country's trademark of authentic community-grown coffee, acclaimed by coffee connosiuers worldwide because of its very unique earthy taste. The Liberica or Barako catapulted the Philippines as a major exporter of coffee before. "We want to help restore the Philippines' former position as the fourth biggest producer in the world during the 1800s, the 50s and the 60s", stated Crismel Verano, Figaro's CEO as he expressed Figaro's passion to promote community-grown and sourced coffee.

While the event replicated the hardwork that farmers invest in coffee farming, the energy and enthusiasm of the participants transformed the event into a picnic – a bonding and fellowship activity with cofffee stakeholders. Indeed, Figaro continues to establish partnership with all coffee stakeholders such as the academe, non-government organizations, government agencies, private corporations and yes, farmers organizations and agencies supporting farmers nationwide such as the Cooperative Development Authority.

Beyond the fun and camaraderie though is Figaro's determined resolved to support the local coffee intdustry.

"We want to help the coffee industry attain self-sufficiency to produce locally-grown coffee and meet the country's current demand for coffee", Verano continued.

"We want to sustain Figaro's advocacy to serve only the best tasting, native and organic coffee", Verano further explained. Hence the on-going tree planting activities organized by Figaro supports the need to promote the propagation of local coffee to strengthen the industry's production.

As such, Figaro Foundation Corporation will continue educating farmers regarding the emerging economic benefits of planting coffee now that the demand has grown larger.

The participants to the event included members of the Figaro Coffee Club, the Makati Business Club, First Philippine Holdings Corporation, Energy Development Corporation (EDC), PNOC-EC, Philippine Business for Social Progress, Celebrity Recipes, and AMWAY.

Also, some of Figaro's franchisees from SM Megamall/Podium, Promenade, Banawe, BF Pergola, UN Avenue, Brickroad/Theater Zone, Congressional Avenue, Heart Center and UP Techno Hub joined this activity.

The following companies also joined us in planting coffee seedlings: Detpak Packaging Philippines, Inc., Vcargo Worldwide, PL Aguila Manufacturing Inc, Sensient Technologies Philippines, Plastech Industrial Corporation, Domino's Pizza, Technoprints, Goodman Fielder International, Treviso Corporation, and RFM Corporation.

The Figaro Foundation Corporation is the implementor of the Figaro Coffee Systems, Inc's Corporate Social Responsibility ideals.

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