Tuesday, April 28, 2009

X-Men Origins: Wolverine – Like a one hell of a roller coaster ride!

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“Don’t dare to blink or you’ll miss the adrenalin rush that the movie offers.”

Kung akala natin ipakita na ng 20th Century Fox at Marvel Comics ang lahat sa 3 sequels nila ng X-Men, well think again dahil hindi kayang pigilan ng kumalat na online leakage ng Wolverine ang ganda ng movie lalo na kapag nakita mo mismong placement of visual effects at kung paano ito na-combine sa narration ng story which is hindi mo makikita sa work print na kumalat sa net.

This time it was the brotherly relationship turn to mortal enemies ang set up ng X-Men Origins: Wolverine ang ipapakita simula ngayong May 1, and happy to say I am one of those who was luckily invited to watch the special screening of the movie last April 27 at the Cinema 5 of Gateway Mall in Cubao. Kung naging attach ka sa animated series ng X-Men we saw how tough ang rivalry nila Wolverine and Sabertooth but in the movie we will see it deeper from how Wolverine or James “Logan” Howlett (Hugh Jackman) discover his mutant power and who was the first casualty of his rage. While Victor Creed (Liev Schreiber) Logan’s brother escapes with him after the incident happen in their house and from there nag umpisa na ang relationship nila as partners as part of the army during the civil war until the Vietnam War where Victor was consumed by his rage. Logan wanted to part from that way life and preventing himself to be consumed but Victor hesitates. And the story begins their journey in their discovering their mutant powers and abilities, including the transformation of Logan as Wolverine where the metal alloy adamantium what implanted in his skeleton and claws to become indestructible. While Victor’s envy toward Logan nurtures and turns fury, their bond as brothers became fatal.

A surreal action movie Wolverine will always have the following requirements that will satisfy the X-Men fans appetite for an adrenalin rush.

1. Tragedy – There will be no goal or aim in the movie if there is no tragedy that is in need for seeking justice. How can a hero fulfill his task kung wala naman reason kung bakit niya gagawin yun, in this case for Logan his mortal enemy was Victor who allegedly destroyed the life and home his brother nurtured. I don’t want to go deeper into details better see the movie for yourself :)

2. The Fight Scene Choreography – If you love seeing Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon or Matrix, you should not miss the fight scenes that this movie offers from the clear editing of the scenes and the “hold on to you seat” scenes where you can feel the beat of every punch, throws, and even the breath and heart beat of the characters in the movie. Everything is perfectly sync with the use of sounds, lighting and camera angles not to mention the visual effects that you cannot see in the leakage.

3. Effects effects and effects – Don’t be contented with the work print alone, dahil marami kang hindi makikita kung iyon langh ang makikita mo from the creation of William Stryer’s (Danny Huston) computer visual effects-made island, to Wade Wilson’s (Ryan Reynolds) sword “dance”, Agent Zero’s (Daniel Henny) wild wild west shooting scene, Gambit (Taylor Kitsch) glowing cards and sticks and Deadpool’s and John Wraith (Will.I.am) now you see me, now you don’t mutant powers along with Scott Summers’ and other mutant powers. The effects; visual, sounds and musical scoring strengthen the narration of the movie, it causes the keep tuned mood sa mga movie viewers, where the movie Wolverine have minor lapses yet the sync of the 3 effects perfectly executed.

Well enough with the short lecture of film appreciation and intro to film technicalities, one thing is for sure sa movie na ito, before you go inside the cinema either go to the washroom first and finish all what to settle or better learn to hold your bladder until the movie ends dahil once you leave for washroom in the middle of the film you will regret missing the action stunts that that you haven’t seen in the first 3 X-Men movie.

And lastly just a reminder don’t leave until the credits finally finish which means hindi ka aalis sa upuan mo until makita mo na ang trailer ng mga ibang movies.


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I really want to watch the movie already, but there's midterms that's blocking my way. But I heard it was very cool.

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