Wednesday, April 22, 2009

One Life and One Earth

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April 22, sa araw na ito we are celebrating Earth Day pero aminin natin sa panahon ngayon at summer hindi ba nakakagulat na umuulan sa panahon na ito? Ito ay isa sa mga senyales ng nag-re-react na si Inang Kalikasan na kung saan nagkakaroon ng climate change na isa sa mga epekto ng global warming pero it doesn’t mean na talo na tayo para maayos ang problemang ito.

In celebration of Earth Day we should remember 4 (four) REs – Rethink, Reuse, Revive and RE-educate. These are 4 things that Ang Sa Wari Ko (In My Opinion) blog is proposing aside from the major projects for saving earth in all parts of the world.

Re-think – People should think first what are pros and cons of the materials that they are purchasing in the market for example. In buying in the groceries would you just let the counter placed your groceries in a plastic bag or ask if there’s paper bag or better bring a bag where you can place it. Each one has a responsibility to act for Mother Earth and that is thinking what should be done. Nangyayari lagi ito sa mga streets will you walk a few steps to throw your garbage in a trash can or you just leave your plastic wrappers anywhere it’s a matter of choice but we should Re-think what path should we really benefit, it may be small as a candy wrapper but the consequence can huge than we expected.

Re-Use – also known as recycle if it’s hard for us not to purchase plastic materials and tin cans we should maximize its usage instead of throwing it after using it once. With this it minimize the volume of trash that is daily collected.

Revive – We all witness the success of Earth Hour every March, along with conservation campaign of World Wild Fund (WWF) and other nation’s campaign. Here in the Philippines ABS-CBN’s Bantay Kalikasan volunteered to help Department of National Resources to co-manage the Pasig River Rehabilitation program with the project Kapit Bisig sa Ilog Pasig (Join hands for Pasig River), Pasig River is considered in dead status where as its no longer inhabitant for marine creatures. The campaign touches all platforms that can generate funds for the rehabilitation from auction, fund drives for athletics and sports buff, internet users that can chip in through their paypal and credit card accounts, the usual banking system and mobile pledges where every peso you share counts by texting GIVE (space) ILOG and send to 2366 for Globe, Sun and Touch Mobile Subscribers, and 231 for Smart and Talk n Text Subscribers.

And lastly from the re-think, reuse and revive we should RE-Educate others of their responsibility to Mother Earth also re educating them awaken their conviction to help to save the environment and educating their children that will soon be taking care of the ecosystem when our time came to return to Mother Earth’s womb.

Again HAPPY EARTH DAY and the lesson of why we are having this celebration is making us to remember that we only have one life to live and one EARTH to live in so we should take care of it.

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