Friday, April 11, 2008

DJ Montano defends himself against Brian Gorrell in Korina Sanchez Show

The alleged personality in Brian Gorrell's Blog, comes out and give his statement on Korina Sanchez'z show with Mo Twister, a radio disk jockey and Brian Gorell's friend. DJ Montano mentions that he want to talk things on a proper way and that is bringing the case on court. DJ Montano with his family voluntary airs their statement with Korina, the same show where Brian Gorrell airs his statement few weeks ago.

Dj Montano denies all the allegation that Brian Gorrell's posted in his blog such as the cocaine use, "I am not a cocaine addict", DJ affirms to Korina. Also DJ Montano mention that he didn't receive the money that Brian is telling, and sometimes he encounter situations that people come to him and say "Pay Up" or sometimes people anonymously slip papers with the "Pay Up" message.

Brian Gorrell decides not to participate the discussion and give feedback though a phone patch from Australia. But through Korina, Brian ask questions such as; " Ask him why he cheated on me?" and "Ask him why he is a filthy thief?"

DJ strongly states, " I may be far from a saint but one thing I am not, I am not a thief."

DJ Montano family gives statement against Brian's blog, that it was unfair to publish Weena Montano-Basa's baby, DJ's sister. DJ's mother denies that his son have the money while his father affirms that this is a blackmail. Their lawyer confirms that they will take the libel case to the court ether it is in the Philippines or in Australia and they are sure that they will win this case.

Brian Gorrell respond through his message to Korina that he is ready to face the case because he is telling the truth. DJ challenges his former friend they will see each other in court.

DJ Montano is the person who was mentioned in Brian Gorrell's blog who allegedly took away his $ 70,000 and included along with other socialites in the Philippines who engaged with the issues of drugs as mention in Brian Gorrell's blog entries.

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bing said...

pure entertainment bliss...

i think brian has his reasons but he's partly to blame. :-)

Metal Munky said...

All that DJ has to do is to undergo drug test to refute Brian's biggest claim. Show that he's no drug addict then it's easy to shoot down the ill-gotten money issue.

Anonymous said...

im inviting everyone out there to share any info you know about this.Mr. Gorrell has cross the line already,and a group of concerned Filipinos are not taking this lightly.

I KNEW IT!Brian is posting comments as anonymous on his blog!I saw something like

from BRIAN:
"brian were here to support you ,boracay people loves you" next to brian's picture tapos nag blip yung picture 9 ulit yung comment instead of 10.bwhahaha!!!huli ka Brian!

HAHAHA!!!Mr. Gorrell,natataranta na sa dami ng nagagalit sa panlalait nya sa tao ayan tuloy nakalimutan muna mag log out sa account nya bago mag post nga comment sa sarili nyang blog!

anyway,there are other Filipinos who are skeptical about him,me included,there are so many loopholes in his stiry and he has now shown his true color by ranting against Filipinos and everything about the Philippines,by the way,please visit this site so you can see what i am talking about,a lot of stuff out there about brian is posted there,we are actually conducting background check on gorrell.

see :

Anonymous said...

Hey Guys!Look at this,Brian's desperate attempt para makalusot sa comment nya about Boracay people loving him tapos forgetting to post as anonymous!!I told you!Di ba?I wasn't making up a story to discredit him!Nyahahaha!! Bwhahaha!!

(taken from the comments section of brian's latest blog on Tim yap )
Brian said...
Readers, I can't cut and paste comments from e mails to this board.
Please don't be afraid to leave a comment. js and hr.
My group on Bora.... this means you.
You can't be traced if you use the internet shop at d mall. Please don't worry.

April 28, 2008 7:31 PM

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