Sunday, June 5, 2011

Tapella by Gaudi: A modern Spanish cuisine in Greenbelt 5

Awarded as Philippine Tatler Magazine as Philippines Best Restaurant in 2010, Tapella by Gaudi in Greenbelt 5 is serving modern Spanish cuisine that is perfect for those who wanted to try fine dining an average cost. Located near the passage of Greenbelt 1, Tapella serves wide range of meat and rice dishes, soup, appetizers, pasta, sandwiches and drinks that infused unique contrasting flavors that make a delicious and distinctive taste in every spoonful. The modern Spanish restaurant is headed by Executive Chef Alexandra Cacho.
(Executive Chef Alexandra Cacho)
I had the chance to try their most patronized dishes in Tapella:

(Cojonudos - it is a fried quail eggs with pimiento and serrano ham in baguette and the juicy and savory duck fatty liver in bread. P300/6pcs.)

(White Garlic and Almond Soup - a cold soup shooters in Tapella that has distinctive taste of almond and garlic combined and enhanced by the sweetness of grapes. P80/shooter.)

 (Manchego cheese, chicken, asparagus and shrimp paella - one of the bestselling paella in Tapella that has rich manchego cheese mixed with rice, chicken and shrimp making it every spoonful comforting and delicious . P500.)

  (Calamari el Bulli -it may not be aesthetically appealing but this calamari has a crunchy squid ink outer layer and has tender meat inside with a sweet, sour and battery mayo dip. P225.)

 (Octopus with paprika -enjoy the tender octopus meat with that spicy kick made by paprika, salt and virgin olive oil that was sliced evenly with potato slices as the base. P280.)

 (Camembert with caramelized onions -savor the sweetness of caramelized onions in Camembert cheese, in fluted bread that is good for two. P180.)

 (Callos -enjoy the tenderness of ox tripe and meat marinated and cooked perfectly to gain the sweet salty taste perfect partnered with rice.  P220/plate.)

(Chorizo stewed in Red Wine -chorizo slices perfectly cooked in red wine with beans and onions. P245/plate.)

(Platter of sweet deserts with rum cake, leche plan, glutinous rice, cheesecake and apple pie, each sold separately)

Each dishes as distinctive taste that let everyone enjoy the modern Spanish cuisine in the heart of Makati on average cost. Paella is always my favorite, the Manchego cheese blends perfectly on the rice bringing the creaminess that match with chicken, asparagus and shrimp. Calamari El Billi may not be aesthetically appealing but every bite is so delicious imagine the crunchiness outside and the tender squid meat inside. Lastly, as a seafood lover, octopus meat is a very tough decision everytime I order. Sometimes I end up with the rubbery texture of the octopus meat, but with Tapella the tenderness was so good and it compliments with the potato slices making it a perfect dish.

For a perfect meal, the best way to cool it down with Sangria. Aside from the great meal in Tapella, they also have beautiful ambiance that good for friends and family who wanted to have a Friday night or weekend hang out.

The coziness of the place welcomes everyone who wanted to enjoy fine dining with friends and family members on a very modern yet calmness in the heart of Makati, Tapella is the place that everyone should try. The restaurant is open everyday from 11am-12 midnight. Try their Friday night (from 6pm to 9pm) Wine all-you-can paired with tapas and Wednesday night (from 6pm to 8pm) Beer all-you-can paired with tapas. For those on business meeting or just want to check your emails and social media accounts, Tapella has a Wi-Fi access.

For reservations please call Tapella at 7572710 and 7572711.

For more photos of Tapella click here.

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