Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Real Indigenous of Palawan says No to Mining in Brooke’s Point

In line with the intense campaign of no to mining in Palawan, there were alleged 30 “fake” indigenous people who support MacroAsia who wants to establish mining in Palawan. The said support showed by the so called tribal chieftains was opposite to the views of the majority of indigenous people in Brooke’s Point. But nine real indigenous people from Palawan visited Manila to file petition to the National Commission for Indigenous People (NCIP) on not issuing Certificate of Precondition to MicroAsia. The certificate in case awarded to the company, it will empower them to have Strategic Environmental Plan (SEP) from Palawan Council for Sustainable Development (PCSD) to explore mining activities in Brooke’s Point which their primary plan.

NCIP will be having their en banc meeting on June 15-17 before they will decide on the issuance or non issuance of the Certificate of Precondition to MicroAsia. Right now, with the real indigenous people of Palawan, ABS-CBN Foundation Inc., Managing Director Gina Lopez, Congressman Dan Fernandez, former Senator Nene Pimentel and others strongly opposes to mining in Palawan whereas it will affect much in the biodiversity of the region which includes Mount Mantalingahan, one of Palawan’s 33 watersheds located in Brooke’s Point. Mining will affect the lush forest and pristine rivers in the area along the health of the residents in Palawan.

According to Jaybee Gargabera, there are more threat and damage that mining gives rather than the benefit it gives. While the group of real indigenous people of Palawan showed some of their products they most of it exported in other countries and also here in the market which were product of their efforts and natural resources in Palawan. It shows that the economy of Palawan in terms of export and using natural resources without harming it is better compare on what mining can lead them.

Congressman Fernandez affirmed that incase that NCIP issued Certificate of Precondition to MicroAsia, congress will take a stand and investigate on the process what leads the commission to decide in favor of the mining group. While Artiso Mandawa of Ancestral Land/Domain Watch (ADLAW) challenges everyone including NCIP to check on the genealogical records of the 30 “fake” indigenous people if they are really part of the tribe that opposes mining in Palawan. With Panglima Williton Palete, part of the real nine indigenous people of Palawan, challenges the government especially President Noynoy Aquino that if he is really serious with his “Matuwid na Daan”, he must not favor with the rich investors instead listen to those who will be affected with the mining in Palawan and other areas.

(Palawan Music Video Performed by Yeng Constantino and Gloc 9) 

To join this campaign against mining in Palawan, sign the petition on No To Mining in Palawan

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Dennison Uy said...

I've been to Palawan and I can personally say that it is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to. I've had a chance to see the mining area and it is truly an eyesore. Please support this advocacy. Let us preserve our natural resources.

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