Friday, April 8, 2011

Disney Movies on DVD and Blue Ray

I grew up watching Disney movies especially their animated films. I remember collecting Mickey Mouse and Pluto toys everytime we went to toy shops and some of those where still in alive in my cabinet. One of my favorite animated films of Disney was Fantasia which I saw before on television. I enjoyed the orchestral music and the animation that goes with it, I hope there’s available DVD of it and it’s worth a collector’s item.

But among the Disney films I really enjoyed that I saw in the cinema were A Bug's Life, Ratatouille, Up and the Toy Story franchise. Until now I manage to watch it again either online or I borrowed DVD from a friend, it is very rare to see this kind of movies on record bars because aside from me there are also who is waiting for it and managed to buy it earlier than me.

Recently while searching in the internet I saw this website that sells movies on pre ordered DVDs and Blu Ray. And I saw Disney buy one get one free promo that for every purchase of any Disney DVDs and Blu Ray they can get one free. As I browse the website, all the films are pre-ordered and cheaper compare to other online sellers. Aside from the DVD and Blu Ray products they also cell CDs, MP3, games and also do DVD rentals online and the payment system is easy. Buyers just need to choose the product they want to purchase and give the location where it will be delivered. After paying the amount including the shipping fee that varies on the location it will be delivered in maximum of 10 working days. Costumers are only allowed to purchase up to 5 products per costumer.

With this website I can now purchase my favorite Disney film and I can watch Toy Story and Up again without searching online or barrowing from a friend. It will be my mine and something I can collect after all Disney movies especially those in DVD and Blu Ray are collector’s item.

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