Wednesday, March 9, 2011

PLDT-Smart Foundation launches Gabay Guro Campaign

It’s been almost six years since I graduated from college, and looking back to the 15 years (including kinder) in the academe, it may not be blissful like with others but all I can say is I learn a lot from what was thought inside the classroom. I have to be honest, I am not a teacher’s pet instead I am in the rebel side and argue a lot with my professors which I considered as “tormentors”. Tagging them as tormentors didn’t mean that they’re considered as enemies, but a mentor who didn’t spoon feed you with information and learning but it challenges you to win that including the merit.

In reality, some teachers are changing their careers to a more profit driven profession in order to live. Sadly, despite of devoting their time and lives for teaching and workers in election they’re salary is not that big to feed their families. This is what happening now in public schools, teachers leaving their vocation for a greener pasture because of low salary and lack of motivation because of insufficient educational facilities and classrooms especially in rural areas. With the existing problem like this, PLDT-Smart Foundation introduces Gabay Guro campaign to help teachers in some of their needs inside and outside school.

The Gabay Guro project gives away educational grant to the selected students that excels in class but could not afford to pay tuition. As of now since it was launch there are already more than 200 scholars and most of them came from Visayas and Mindanao. Aside from the educational grant, PLDT-Smart Foundation offers educational training and livelihood program for the teachers who need educational motivation in terms of handling classes and new teaching techniques. Also with the livelihood program Gabay Guro will help them in financial empowerment that will be additional financial resources for their family without leaving their vocation. And lastly for the academe, the program will donate computers and broadband connections to the schools that will join the campaign.

There are two options on how everyone can take part of the Gabay Guro (2G) campaign. Teachers can fill up the form in to avail the tribute card or attend the 2G training in their areas and apply for the personalize card onsite. Aside from the big benefits that PLDT-Smart Foundation will give to the 2G beneficiaries, card holders will also have freebies and discounts to all the partners of the campaign and can avail 25% discount in applying for the PLDT myDSL Plans. And for those who wanted to help in the 2G project they can send their donations by depositing it to Banco de Oro branch with the account name: Gabay Guro, Savings Account No.: 5310-15168-1. For more information, please call 101-GG (24) or visit and join the Gabay Guro Facebook Page.

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