Monday, January 10, 2011

The famous yellow cake of Mr. Ang has finally arrived!

The mysterious yellow cake from Mr. Ang finally arrived here in the office, I saw it my my table, sealed and with my name on it. The lid said “Fruity Explosion Inside” with a mango shaped watermark in a wood box design.

Inside is a yellow round cake, yes it looks delicious and just for fun instead bringing it home, I brought it in our meeting for the team can share. Inside the yellow icing was a moist chocolate chiffon cake.

But what surprised me was that there’s inside a cake, a box containing a Cherry Mobile P1 phone. The calculator-like phone with a cute color, mine was orange.

Aside from the phone was a Sun Cellular Sim Card and attached on the corner of the box was a picture of Mr. Ang. The yellow dressed Mr. Ang looks familiar especially with that pointed hair and defined jaw. And also a calling card and message from Mr. Ang, saying that he is from Big Bang Fireworks, Inc. and we need to find PULP-X before he plots his fruit-a-bomb attacks.

With the 10 minute free Sun to Sun call loaded on my orange Cherry Mobile P1 phone I called the number of Mr. Ang to confirm the package. Instead of Mr. Ang answering the phone, a recorded message coming from him tells to visit the Facebook Page of Big Bang Fireworks Inc.

Every one loves the yellow cake, I got a cute orange Cherry Mobile P1 phone, and I liked the of Big Bang Fireworks Inc which Mr. Ang requested me on his recorded message – but I’m still curious what will happen next.

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