Friday, December 31, 2010

Join WFP’s campaign to help the women in Darfur in their fight against hunger

World Food Programme launched a campaign for the women in Darfur in the quest to provide their family with sufficient meal free from any form of risk. Darfur is located in Sudan since 2003 the region is considered in the state of humanitarian emergency after Sudanese government against the non-Arab indigenous population, making each family in that area vulnerable.

Each day according to the reports gathered by World Food Programme, women in Darfur search firewood under high temperature in a dry-sandy land. Sadly, tens of thousands of women and girls were attacked or raped every year while collecting wood. And almost 2 million people are killed by stove smoke.

This is the current situation in Darfur that WFP want to address, to protect the women who is known to be as the front liners of hunger from any form of violence, and also save their family from health risk caused by stove smoke. World Food Programme with the help of everyone’s support and donation can provide fuel-efficient stove for the women in Darfur to prevent them from searching firewood from risky areas and it also eliminates the emission of smokes that leads to indoor air pollution. For as low as $5 donation you are providing a lifesaving stove for a woman in Darfur and saving 2 trees every year.

Watch the video below to know more about the campaign of WFP in Darfur:

With your support here is the direct and long-term impact of what you can do for Darfur:

$5 A lifesaving stove for a woman in Darfur (and 2 trees every year)
$50 Your lifeline for 10 women (and 20 trees every year)
$100 Your lifeline for 20 women (and 40 trees every year)
$1000 Your lifeline for 200 women (and 400 trees every year)

You can send your donations via Paypal and Credit Card by visiting Be part of this global campaign to eradicate hunger and protect women from violence. Be part of World Food Programme’s campaign for the women of Darfur and visit their website for more of information about the campaign and other activities of WFP.

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