Friday, December 31, 2010

Good Bye 2010 - Blessed and Fruitful 2011

This is the first time from the three years of existence of this blog that I will not write an actual year ender post. Instead, I just want to say thank you to those who reads my blog wherever you are and who ever you are. To those who believed in me and trusted me in my advocacy and campaign special mention to the group of World Food Programme here in the Philippines, in Italy and USA for being their for me and welcoming me the community. To World Wild Fund – Philippines, Habitat for Humanity, Green Peace Philippines, 1 Billion Hungry group, UNAIDS group in Geneva and United Nations Development Programme in the Philippines, and the social media team in New York thanks for being their when I have lots of questions.

Being a blogger, is fun but putting content is sometimes hard, I would like to thank all the PR agencies and group who’s always there and acknowledges me, you know who you are guys. 2010 was also a year of friendship for me, I met new friends which are bloggers, social media aficionados and people whom I shared interest with like movies, theater, advocacy and food of course. I met people from other parts of the world and I learn a lot from them, Anne from India, Andre Milroy my mentor from the UN Millennium Campaign in South East Asia and also a good friend of mine, Abby Ravera of WFP Italy and to my Coca Cola Live Positively family.

I was also welcomed by the Iloilo Blogging Community when I visit their beautiful and culture rich town during Visayas Blogging Summit, my perspective in life in terms heritage and wanting to know more about what we can do more as blogger rather than just posting in our blog. There was a gentleman who joined the summit and young girl who asked me on what they can do well for their province/town. The gentleman was from Capiz who wanted to use the power of blogging to reach out to online community and show how great was his place and also is a channel of information. This was a sort of fuel for me to go on with what I am doing. There maybe obstacles and people not believing on what you are fighting for, but the main idea is, despite of the few, there are some who will be inspired and will stand up to fight for change and reach out to those who are in need.

I hope that next year, it will be more a blessing to all and be fruitful especially for those who had waited for it. For those who are asking for change, the challenge is to be part of it especially the process. It is a very long way, roads may be rocky and steep but I know everyone can make it to reach out for their dreams and goals in life, just have that faith in your heart that you can do it.

For my fellow Filipinos and my country… Masagana at mapagpalang Bagong Taon sa iyo baying Pilipinas. Nawa’y umasenso ka at guminhawa sa taong 2011 at mas tumatag ka pa sa mga pagsubok na haharapin ng iyong mga anak at bayan.

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reyjr said...

Happy New Year Flow. You are doing good with the advocacies you help promote. :D God Bless and have a great 2011!

aajao said...

kuya ninong! manigong bagong taon :)
salamat at may mga tulad mong totoo sa pagtataguyod ng mga napiling advocacies at hindi "kasikatan" lamang ang habol.


aajao :)

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