Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Katherine Heigl from “The Ugly Truth” to “Life as We Know It”

Warner Bros Pictures bring back the star of Grey’s Anatomy to big screen in a comedy-drama that talk about family and relationship - Life as We Know It. Katherine Heigl fresh from the film The Ugly Truth in 2009, will be doing the role of Holly Berenson who will end in a responsibility of being an instant parent with Eric Messer played by Josh Duhamel to a little girl named Sophie. The family comedy drama is directed by Greg Berlanti and it will be showing in all cinemas beginning October 20.

According to Heigl, her character is opposite to Duhamel where in the story they had lots or argument and fight. It’s not as if Holly and Messer are just uncomfortable with each other, or just don’t connect. It’s awful. They hate each other.” She added. She described the character of Eric (Duhamel) as a take it or leave it’ guy—relaxed and kicked back, rolling with the punches where as her character (Holly) is opposite of his. “She’s responsible, organized, scheduled, a bit obsessive compulsive. In her professional life and her personal life, she needs to know where things are heading; she’s not really a girl who can wing it”, Heighl describing her role. And the only connection they had is that they became godparents of their friend’s daughter where in the middle part they will become the adopted of that baby, which is Sophie.

“I really got to participate in shaping who this character was. I tried in this particular role not to play Holly as the overly obsessive compulsive girl. That’s the interesting paradox of the male-female relationship. You’ve always got this sort of take-it-or-leave-it guy who’s really relaxed and kicked back and rolls with the punches. And you’ve got the uptight girl saying, ‘No, no, no, we need to be on a schedule, we need to figure everything out,’ so we tried to walk the line between her being too uptight or him being too much of ‘a guy’ about things because inevitably Holly’s going to need to kind of be a mom.” Heighl added. According to her she enjoyed her role where Holly loves cooking and at the same time the character is a where it is a well-rounded character that it evolves rather that it stick to a certain personality from start to end.

Aside from the usual comedy that Life as We Know It has, there is also an emotional side that it really struck Heighl. “We’ve all had moments in our lives where we’ve been through some difficult things, but there’s still laughter, and a lot of times that’s how people get through some of the harder times in their lives.” Heighl ended.

Life as We Know It will be showing in all theaters nationwide beginning October 20 and it is distributed by Warner Bros Pictures.

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