Thursday, October 28, 2010

Coca Cola names 6 Pinoy Bloggers to be its Digital Ambassadors for Live Positively Campaign

Last October 27 at the Coca Cola Office in Makati City, with Carbon, McCann-Erickson and Coca Cola’s Live Positively Group officially announce the names of the 6 Filipino bloggers who will become the digital ambassadors of Coca Cola Live Positively Campaign that was officially launch this October.

I was glad to be included as one of the blogger ambassadors for the Coke Live Positively Campaign with Jayvee Fernandez, Enrico Dee, Azrael Colladilla, Alvin Chua and Carl Valenzona. Each ambassador was assigned on a particular task, and I was assigned to community involvement and out reach, where it is part of my advocacy as a Millennium Development Goals (MDG) advocate.

(Jayvee, Alvin, Carl and Me amazed at the Coke refrigerator seeing all the Coca Cola products, it's heaven - Photo by Sai Sayson)

(Holding my favorite Coke Zero bottle - Photo by Sai Sayson)

(With Azrael, Alvin and Carl - Photo by Sai Sayson)

The Live Positively campaign of Coca Cola aims to encourage everyone to involve themselves to community by reaching to others who are in need. Coke is more than a product, but each members of the company has a social responsibility to fulfill, like us.

Join the Live Positively campaign putting the twibbon on your Facebook and Twitter profile picture

To learn more about the campaign watch the video below:

Be one of us and join the growing community of people reaching out to those who are in need in their community and promote volunteerism, both online and on-ground. The Live Positively campaign of Coke is a global campaign right now aside from the Philippines there are also efforts happening in other parts of the world like Indonesia who is having a version of the commercials, online campaigns and on-ground activities and who knows there are also versions of digital ambassadors in other countries for Coca Cola.

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rins said...

Congrats Flow! :)

Jonha @ Happiness said...

Congratulations! Stories like these are what makes blogging even more inspiring and fulfilling.

At first I thought your talk would be boring, like "goodie goodie" but then I realized that the change I want needs to start with me. Makes me want to do an advocacy blog too :) Thanks for the well done talk at VBS!

Yhep said...

Nice to know that Coca Cola is advocating a movement to give back to the community. Kudos to Pinoy bloggers as well. This is a task that I'm sure everyone will enjoy doing.

All the best!

JJ:>) Founder YHEP

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