Tuesday, July 6, 2010

iOmega introduces iConnect Wireless Data Station

iOmega creates a way on how to synergize your files from your computers to the desktop or portable hard drives by using networking. iOmega iConnect Wireless Data Station is the answer to the needs of enterprises who has big numbers of computers and workstations and can store data in desktop hard drives with the use of network connection and through the internet.

The iConnet Wireless Data Station doesn’t have storage capacity but it serves as the bridge of your data to your hard drives with the use of your wired or wireless routers. The product has encrypted security code that will only allow authorized users to access and store files in the hard drive through the iConnect. This product was created by the iOmega intentionally to the consumers and small and medium enterprises and it only cost US$110 or estimated P4, 500. The product can be used in all platforms, PC, Mac and Linux computers.

iConnet Wireless Data Stations contain features that secures the transfer of data and makes the transfer fast, this feature includes:

• Easy file sharing, data backup and print serving from any networked Windows® PC, Mac® or Linux workstation.

• Gigabit Ethernet and wireless connectivity by connecting directly to your router in either a wired or wireless (802.11b/g/n wireless protocol) configuration.

• Remote access allows you to connect securely from anywhere in the world and get full access to pictures, videos, files - everything stored on the connected USB drives. An added bonus: remotely access and administer the iConnect device through a personalized web address.

• Simple expandability means you can add storage capacity by simply connecting more or larger external USB drives.

• Device-to-device replication for data protection allows you to define a job to copy and/or synchronize files to and from the connected USB drives or any other shared storage on your network. Iomega makes it easy with one-touch copying with the QuikTransfer button on the front of the iConnect device.

• Print Serving with intelligent print sharing capability for up to two USB printers.

• Time Machine support allows Apple users to easily backup any Mac computers running OS X (10.5 or later) using Time Machine.

• UPnP™ DLNA Certified AV Media Server provides the ability to stream photos, audio content and videos to a variety of media devices, such as game consoles (Microsoft Xbox® 360, Sony PlayStation® 3), audio bridges, iTunes® players, networked digital picture frames, Iomega® ScreenPlay™ products and more.

• Photo slideshow capabilities with an integrated utility based on the Cooliris™ technology for quick browsing of pictures stored on the connected USB drives.

• Torrent download manager allows the iConnect device to manage peer-to-peer file transfers without the need of a dedicated PC.

• Picture Transfer Protocol (PTP) provides no touch, automatic transfer of photos from digital cameras via one of the four USB ports on the iConnect device.

The product also contains QuikProtect for simple scheduled file-level backup; a choice between EMC Retrospect Express or Express HD to back up your data, plus applications and settings; and a free subscription to a market-leading software that protects your PC with anti-virus, anti-spyware, and web security protection. Lastly iConnect has localized interface to cater 11 languages such as English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Traditional and Simplified Chinese, German, and Russian. iConnect Wireless Data Station goes with 3-year warranty and only cost US$110 or P4, 500 (estimated). To know more about the product and authorized resellers visit www.iomega.com.

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