Friday, April 23, 2010

The Losers: a movie about brotherhood and closure

Warner Bros. Pictures presents, in association with Dark Castle Entertainment, a Weed Road Pictures production brings an Andy Diggle graphic novel to the big screen beginning April 23 – The Losers. The film directed by Sylvain White and starred by Jeffery Dean Morgan (Clay), Zoe Saldana (Aisha), Idris Elba (Roque), Chris Evans (Jensen), Columbus Short (Pooch), Oscar Jaeneda (Cougar) and Jason Patric (Max).

The film is about an abandoned US Special Force assigned in Bolivia and tries to return to the United States to seek revenge against the person who betrayed them. The action filled scenes along with the humor that goes with it will test the friendship of the estranged team - The Losers.

Who can ever thought of storyline where the villain is not the ordinary villain we see in other movies that is cruel and cold hearted from the first scene until the end. Along with the “heroes” that balanced the humor and action as shown in the film. One thing I like in the film is the way they incorporate the comic-feel to the live action, making the audience understand and acknowledge the film that it is based from a graphic novel.

Each character shows distinction from others; Clay – the leader, Jensen – the tech whiz, Rogue – the guy who uses knife to fight, Cougar – the sharp shooter, Pooch – the driver and Aisia – the sleazy flower among the thorns. The sharpness and details in all the fight scenes will bring out the adrenalin pumping reaction from its viewers. I mention humor earlier, yes the film has humor in a sarcastic way and it never looks inappropriate to the story, instead it strengthen the character of Max, same thing it does with Jensen and Pooch. Scenes are properly tailored and have minimal awkward part in the film. The presentation of the locations on a mission impossible like approach including the scoring that adds the excitement in every areas that the Losers went in order to seek revenge against Max.

But one thing I know that the film is a no-brainer type, others might be looking for a MacGyver-Mission Impossible feel because of the special force feel, well this is not that type of movie. The Loser is 50% conversational and 50% action so it’s a balance of both elements making it in my level of expectation satisfying because of the fun action-filled not to mention the hidden talents that Evans will be showing in the film and a movie that is nice to watch with your friends.

The Loser will be hitting its way (hard) in all cinemas nationwide beginning April 23, distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures presents, in association with Dark Castle Entertainment, a Weed Road Pictures production.

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