Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Red Shoes: A Story of Love, Lies and Moving On

They say that everyone has their own affinity when it comes to shoes. And sometimes it is hard for us to find the right fit to compliment on our personality. It’s like having an extension of ourselves, but what if the most coveted red shoes of a former first lady falls in your hand what will you do to it? Will you wear it it even it doesn’t fit? Starting March 10, 2010, Unico Entertainment presents a Uniter Production’s The Red Shoes, directed by Raul Jorolan , written by James Ladioray and produced by Tony Glory with stars Marvin Agustin (Lucas), Nikki Gil (Betinna), Liza Lorena (Chat), Tessie Tomas (Madam Vange), Tirso Cruz III (Domingo), Tetchie Agbayani (Helen), Iwa Moto (Gidget) and Irene Celebre (Maita).

The story is divided on three major aspects Love, Lies and Moving On. Because of Love that Lucas has for Bettina and for his mother he joins the mob who enters Malacanang during the People’s Power Revolution on 1986 and took the pair of red shoes of the former first lady Imelda Marcos. Lucas gave the right shoe to his mom, Chat and the left shoe to Betinna. But lies came in and destroy the dreams of Lucas and his mom after what happen to Domingo, Lucas father who was allegedly part of those who died during the collapse of the Film Center of the Philippines. Chat resorts to the help of the psychics to communicate to the soul of Domingo, and it was Madam Vange, an Imelda Marcos impersonator has the ability to communicate to the souls of the dead. Chat barters Madam Vange service in exchange for Imelda’s Red Shoes. Moving On which everyone needs to achieve in the story like Helen, Betinna’s mom, witness the death of his son and husband who were both activist during the days of Martial Law.

Aside from the key points that are shown clearly in the film, Unitel Production is known by the preservation of storyline and giving the writer the liberty to expand the concept of the story and the cinematography has clear and vivid visuals that complement to the story especially the emotions of each character. The red shoes is not fully played in the movie but the way it bridges highlights and conflicts it leads to a beautiful scenes that makes the film easily understand by its viewers.

The Red Shoes will be shown in all theaters nationwide beginning March 10. For more updates visit http://theredshoes.com.ph.

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