Thursday, February 11, 2010

Movie Review: Celebrate Valentine’s Day with a twist on Feb 12

Warner Bros Pictures brings a timely movie that tells the story of love and the twist and turns that goes with it on Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day is a romantic comedy chick flick directed by Garry Marshall and written by Katherine Fugate. The film will be shown in all theaters starting on February 12, 2010.

The film is about the twisted life of individuals during Valentine’s Day where audience of the movie can very much relate. We see how heart breaks, how emotions nourish, and revelations because of love. This chick flick shows all kinds of love, from puppy love, to playful love, commitment and running from it. There are two kinds of people we see on Valentine’s Day which we will be seeing on the film, people who are in love like the character of Julia, Liz, Reed and couples Samantha and Tyler, while on the other side of life there are people who are in denial, like Kelvin and Kara who refuses to celebrate Valentine’s Day because of the pain they endured before.

Valentine’s Day is a reflection of the different kind of people and their reaction towards love and the day itself, each character represents us, though some of us will be denying it, honestly the truth really hurts especially if it involves love. I love the way how the story connects strangers to create a big scenario, and how stories happen one after the other. There’s bigness despite that it centers on a one-day event which is Valentine’s Day and how the production connects the different stories of all the characters showing that there are lots of things that can happen in one day, and how love can be powerful that it touches all ages.

But one thing I love the most in the movie is the line of Alfonso is that we always look for someone perfect but we always missed the people who loves us who were just on the corner waiting for us to be noticed. So don’t hate, instead feel the love on Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day will be shown in all theaters nationwide beginning February 12, with stars Jessica Alba (Morely Clarkson), Kathy Bates (Susan), Jessica Biel (Kara Monahan), Bradley Cooper (Holden Bristow), Eric Dane (Sean Jackson), Patrick Dempsey (Harrison Copeland), Hector Elizondo (Edgar Paddington), Jamie Foxx (Kelvin Briggs), Jennifer Garner (Julia Fitzpatrick), Topher Grace (Jason Morris), Anne Hathaway (Liz Corryn), Carter Jenkins (Alex Jons), Joe Jonas (Jake Patrick), Ashton Kutcher (Reed Bennet), Queen Latifah (Erin Patusi), Taylor Lautner (Tyler Harrington), George Lopez (Alfonso Rodriguez), Shirley MacLaine (Estelle Paddington), Brooklynn Proulx (Madison Harrington), Emma Roberts (Grace Smart), Julia Roberts (Kate Bristow), Bryce Robinson (Charlie Smart) and Taylor Swift (Samantha Kenny).

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