Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Obama answers the questions on H.R.3200 or the health care reform bill

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United States of America President Barack Obama answers the questions on the H.R. 3200 or the Health Care Reform bill that is his major priority before 2009 ended.

In his town-hall style meeting at the Porstmouth, New Hamsphire Obama is decided to push the healthcare reform before the year ends. The bill mandates all Americans to take out health insurance with subsidies for the less well-off, paid for by a surtax on families earning over $350,000 a year and this was the deal that the Democrats in the House of the Representative has reached.

Based on the reports some of the Americans in the 47 Million populations that USA doesn’t have health insurance and the raising cost healthcare adds to the increase of America’s budget deficit. Despite of the America’s approval to the good that this reform will brought them still it is in the House of the Representative will finalize the H.R. 3200 or the Health Care Reform Bill where some of the members of Senate oppose on the surtax and the public plan that the House of the Repetitive proposes. And the question is will HR 3200 push through as Obama wanted it before 2009 ends? Like in the Philippines, Cheap Medicine Bill is still on the chopping board where the Private Hospital Association of the Philippines opposes the idea and warns the government that it will lead to Hospital Holiday and worse closure.

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