Sunday, April 27, 2008

Politic-tack-thinking on Philippines 2010: Tales of a hungry stomach

The National Election on Philippines 2010 signifies another hope for ordinary Juan dela Cruz who endures the pain and hardship of work for a minimum wage to support his family's daily needs. Currently, we are facing the issues on food shortage and price inflation, where the present government is firm on saying that everything is under control. In spite with the assurance that the Arroyo administration promises, panic buying, obvious sign of shortage, and rapid price inflation shows that someone is not telling the truth.

Food is the primary issue to be answered by the government today and the future candidate must present in their more specific platforms. Food may be sufficient but the the price inflates where none of our minimum wage earner could no longer afford to avail. Aside from the price control of basic commodities, the new president on 2010 must settle the long battle of wage increase versus the bloating daily expenses.

The wage increase can be divided in two categories:

1. Wage or salary increase - the running candidate must have ideas on the exact amount of cost of living of each sectors especially the broad C down to D and E classes. This sector comprises the 3/4s of the countries population. The new government must create a resolution to the ailing issue of wage to answer the needs of Juan dela Cruz. Strengthen the wage board; additional man power to the committee, members of the minimum wage earners should be included to the group. The minimum wage earners who are part of the committee will actually serve as a source of information of the present set up of the labor force of the country.

2. Non wage benefit - As stated in CBA or Collective Bargaining Agreement of several company indicates this kinds of benefits, such as rice subsidy, medical care, shopping goods, educational plan and others. Unfortunately not all of that several companies comply though it was stated in Department of Labor and Employment, I witnessed the issue of CBA before in my college days when it take less that a week to paralyzed classes where professors pickets in front of the university gates calling on the CBA's approval of the school administration. Aside from my alma mater we all witness picket lines in several establishment who refuses to settle with their employee's needs. The future president must set guidelines with DOLE to set on priorities to the needs of labor force instead of the company's administration. Unfortunately we witness stories of DOLE favoring to the administrators of companies who declines the needs of their employees, where DOLE should listen to the plight of the workers aside from listening with the employers alone.

May the future candidates of 2010 remember that the month of election is May, let it be a reminder to them that they are running to upgrade the present status of the society particularly the labor sectors who are primary victims of price inflation and food shortage due to insufficient production of agricultural sectors where the Agricultural Department overlooks. I can't blame the farmers who can't produce sufficient food for the growing population of the country, but the government who keeps on telling that there is no problem. There is a problem, we and the government are neglecting the rampant issues concerning us, directly or indirectly. World Bank already putting the answer in our face that we should work on price regulation yet we closes our ears to this option that may answer the issue of inflation. TUCP is airing the option of increasing P80.00 on minimum wage yet we don't see progress, is that because the members of the wage board are more of employer thinking type rather that employee by heart.

For those who are running for the position, ask your self, Am I running to help ease hunger and poverty of this country? You may say yes but I have two answers on that: 1. you are true to the country or 2. you're just lying!

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arelente2 said...

I love this. But the bad thing about it is that there are still the generic speeches that we always hear not only in the real thing, but also in the movies.

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