Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A Day in the Life of Gloria (Screen Grabs)

Sharing some video clips from the movie a day in the life of Gloria (PGMA) where the indie film was rated as X by the MTRCB, the movie is a satirical presentation of PGMA's administration and how she handle the government. Rep. Luz Ilagan of Gabriela, RJ Mabilin and Carlitos Siguion Reyna both directors, questions the credibility of the said institution to rate and holds this kind of movie. Aside from A Day in the Life of Gloria, MTRCB rates Mendiola, X, its a digital movie thats shows police brutality to those who participate rallies.

Images courtesy of TV Patrol (TFC Now)


Jaywalker said...

Good one SK, really funny... so why will mtrcb rate it as x when it was about pinocchio a childrens fairy tale? LOL this administratong just like their boss has a very narrow and intolerant mindset that doe not know how to appreciate a good political satire.

SirKramic said...

alam mo naman super sensitive ang gobyerno ngayon patungkol sa mga ganyan

Jonjon said...

Iupload na lang kasi yan sa youtube! :)

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